Anyone know where alisoncamera is?

Not seen alison post since before my first chemo 5 weeks ago, i know that for over three of those weeks i was rarely posting or reading - but concerned now as to where she’s gone to :frowning:

Anyone know what’s happened?

Hi Quisie

Hope you are ok? Not spoke to you for a while, not seen post from alison myself either but will let you know if I do. Must say, sometimes don’t come on here myself for a few days so forgive me if miss any posts by alison but will look out when I do.

You are a lovely, funny person,

take care


thank you so much Julie
i’m do really very well at the moment, had TAC 2 just over a week ago and feeling a bit like a fraud now, because i was so poorly last time nobody will believe how well i am this. But, I had a family deputation come see me yesterday - the elders no less!!! (That is the eldest known members of the family) I think they are satisfied that i’m genuinely better than they thought.
How are you doing? I saw you’ve managed to meet up with others - way to go!
x x x

Hi Girls - if I remember rightly I think Alison has gone on holiday for 2 weeks - and I think that was about 2 weeks ago.

Sarah x x x

Aha! Sarah, thank you - that would tally in very nicely with my getting back online then. Good to know she’s hopefully having a really great time.
thanks again
x x x

I also was wondering where Alison was as it must be well over 2 weeks since she went away.