Anyone know where to get decent sleephat?

Hi all, I had my first FEC chemo last Wednesday and in anticipation of my hair falling out I am trying to buy a decent looking sleep hat since the nurse warned me you get cold in the night! Does anyone know of a supplier and their website address? Is it me or are the usual headwear products for hairloss really depressing and unflattering?! If you could recommend a good cotton scarf supplier too (preferable without frills!) that would be helpful although I’ve just ordered a couple of plain ones for backup.

Hi Cazzaruss,

When I started my chemo my chemo nurse gave me 2 towelling turbans for bedtime use - they were 'orrible!

My sister lives in Turkey and went to an Islamic stockists who sold the cotton caps (hijabs?) that the ladies wear under their scarves. These turned out to be perfect for the job - soft cotton, a variety of colours, found that I was comfortable wearing them around the house and didn’t panic if I answered the door. Also used them when I went into hospital for my mx as still too much the ‘baby bird’ look for my liking at the time - BCN even said she was going to check out stockists in this area and tell her other ladies.

Is there any similar sort of outlet in your area? If not, I know that they are available on-line if you want to have a look - I’m not sure if I am supposed to give a web address or not but have a look at - and similar sites.

As for headscarves, I had a nightmare of a time finding anything suitable - I found that a standard headscarf was too small (or is that just because I’ve got a fat head?) and they needed to be cotton rather than silk or polyester so they wouldn’t slip. In the end I got various colours/designs from the ‘goff’ stall on the local market and unpicked the fringes. Everyone at work commented on the fact that I always managed to be colour co-ordinated.

In my case, I stuck to headscarves throughout my chemo as, although I had got the NHS wig which wasn’t bad, I found that my scalp physically hurt so I couldn’t wear the wig when I needed to. By the time that it was comfortable to wear it, everyone had already seen me in my scarves and I felt that it was a step backwards so decided to keep the ‘rock chick’ look for the duration.

Good luck with everything.

Spongebob x

Hi cazaruzz,

When I first lost my hair I bought a selection of lovely hats from Headcovers they are in the states but had no problems getting them.

I never personally wore scarves they did nothing for me, but I bought lots of fab wigs from The Wig Salon, I have really enjoyed wearing them and have had masses of compliments, many from people who don`t know me! Check the prices now though, the pound was much stronger when I bought mine

My own hair is starting to grow back now, my treatment is finished and although its very exciting its also daunting as my own hair is quite fine and I will have to get used to it again but I`m not complaining!!
Good luck,
Take care,

Hi Girls

I took the clippers to my hair when it started falling out more thatn my cats were moulting. Chemo is having to come before surgery because of the nature of my BC. I have bought lots of scarves and turbans and have even started giving my wig a go.

What I have found to be very useful are the Buff products. Just google buff and you will find it. They can be worn in many ways and I find them invaluable. Easy to put on - as you say if someone comes to the door unexpectedly. Very soft and comfortable and I leave the piece at the back haning most of the time to convince my self that I look a little feminine.

Andie xx

I used a ‘Buff’ in bed lovely soft jersey and available online or from Black’s outdoor shops.I too started chemo in Dec[2006].

I agree with Jan about the headcovers website. I got a great sleep cap from them and some lovely turbans, plus a false fringe to go inside the turbans which made it look a little more like a choice than a necessity!

Good luck!


I have been bald three times over many months and never had a cold head at night!

And coincidentally I just read a report in the Guardian that its a myth that most of our body heat is lost throught the head!

Personally I think that sleeping in a scarf is a most unattractive look so unless you are actually feeling cold I’d say go commando!

best wishes


I found that I only needed a sleep cap for about the first week after my hair fell out whilst I adjusted to the cold, now I sleep au nautrelle!

O, x

Hi Spongebob,
Thanks for your comments. I’ve managed to find on line some cotton headscarfs big enough to use - was nightmare trying to find nice ones though. Why is there such a lack of style & choice for the hairless brigade? I know now how to make my next millions once I’ve kicked this mother’s behind into outerspace…
Cazzaruss x

Toronto, Andie T, Horace & DilysP Jane RA & Ostrich

Ladies - Many thanks for all your comments. It’s the not knowing what will happen which is getting to me so I’m just trying to be prepared for the worst! I’ll try and get a hat to sleep in - my hubbies offered me his Chelsea F.C. hat but declined that idea! I just don’t want my 2 daughters (one is 2 and the other nearly 5) to see my bald head first thing in the morning! At least not until I can get used to the idea myself. They may just accept it and then I’ll suffer the cold head if it happens!!

You’ll find what works for you. I spent a lot of money on head stuff, bangs, got my stupid NHS wig, spent time ceremoniously packing away my hairdryer and straighteners and putting my head stuff in a box so I could select the day’s head stuff or wig.

After a few weeks I realised I actually don’t mind being bald (well prickly). I wear my wig (I got a good one in the end I love) for my daughter (10) so that when I walk to the school or take her somewhere she doesn’t feel self concious. At home I just told her it would happen and she was fine - she even helped her Dad shave it and enjoys arguing with me over whether I technically have hair or not (I say I do and I still wash my few prickles to give me something to do in the bath and she says I don’t!)

Whilst I know that temporary baldness is a different thing to permanent baldness in the emotional stakes I have realised that where I am right now (emotionally etc) hair doesn’t matter to me and actually matters more to other people - they stare. I have even gone out in my wig for appearances sake and ended up taking it off in the middle of a restaurant or a shopping centre when the heat and itchiness gets too much - why should I suffer MORE just because people might stare?

You’ll find your own way to cope, honest, xx

Hi Cazzaruss

I found a really good link (from someone on this site) that is called Headcovers Unlimited.

They do some really good hats, turbans etc

hope this helps.

I got some lovely big very soft square cotton scarves from the india shop (google will find it for you).

they are very comfortable and also very pretty.

Take care
Anthi x