Anyone live near Esher/Kingston/Surbiton area and would like to meet up?

I have come back to BCC after a few years away dealing with constant treatment but am keen to meet others locally with secondary breast cancer.  I am age 47 (dx age 33, 13 years ago) and living with mets for 11 years. I have also posted on a separate thread asking if anyone knows of any UK based Facebook groups for those of us living with Mets.  The couple of good ones I have found are US based (though still very good of course but less opportunity for ever meeting in perspon!). Thaks so much in advance

Am happy to meet in surbiton sometime…not this next week thoxx

I am local to Kingston. DX 2014- With primary and secondary BC. Had 6 months chemo post surgery, then Letrazole for nearly 2 years. Scan in oct showed progression - just started EE for a month. Chest XRay shows reduction in lung met !! I’m married and have a 12 year old son.

Hi, I live in Wimbledon. Just recently diagnosed with mets. after 20 year remission.  Happy to meet up.

Hi everyone


I’ve been trying to find/set up a local group to support//winge/chat and laugh, for a while. Just to meet up occasionally, swop emails and phones for ad hoc chats, for instance, would be great.  


About me - I live in Claygate (near Esher) am married with two adult children.  I was diagnosed in 2013 with mets in liver and bone. (No primary diagnosis - straight to secondary, I don’t do things by halves).  Initial chemo with three years of Letrozole and Zometa quite happily.  However a scan discovered a PIK3 mutation in October and I was lucky enough to be accepted on to a trial. I’ve been on the treatment for almost three months and so far so good as far as the medics are concerned.  However it is hard work and I’ve realised that a lot is down to me - best nutrition, what makes me feel queasy, which pills help, which ones to throw (one regime they came up with had me taking a laxative and diarrhoea medication at once).  


But more importantly, I’d just love to swop thoughts about how everyone is getting on with life.  For instance, the second diagnosis has knocked my family sideways.  I think because I have seemed less well on a day to day basis than I did with original chemo. Or maybe they had just got comfortable with the first diagnosis. This treatment is more difficult than the original chemo but because I haven’t lost my hair, my friends think everything is fine.


Hope to hear from some like minds soon. 


I’m around evenings and weekends - i’m on Everolimus and Exemestane for liver and lung mets. Would be good to chat - I drive so happy to meet in Wimbledon/ Claygate.

Hi would be happy to drive to esher/claygate/ surbiton. To meet up if that suits anyone else?
I have bone and liver mets

Hi, Evenings and weekends are a little busy for a few weeks,but maybe we could meet more than once as a group anyway? I  could do thursday this week am, or lunchtime at claygate…the following week am on the onc and chemo trail again so the week is a bit cluttered.


where in Claygate would be best?



Hi, sent you a couple of pms in answer to your last one,



Thanks for your pm…have replied