Anyone Living In Scarborough Area. Need Advice Please.

Hi, I live in Spain at the moment, but looks like I have to relocate to Scarborough very soon.

Do any of you know the availability of Herceptin there. Any contacts too that you may have with Macmillan etc, would be appreciated.

Any meets, as would love to meet up with other ladies, I have been very much alone here in the past year.

Any advice would help, even to good and bad areas where to move !!!

Thanks Teresa x

Teresa bumping this up. Would anyone on the north east thread be able to help? I visit Scarborough regularly ( have family there) but know nothing of the BC system there.Wishing you well.Jackie xx

I don’t know either Theresa but am happy to help if I can at all. Ladies, Theresa HAS to move back to the UK as the powers that be in Spain have refused yo fund any further treatment. So this is a traumatic and necessary and urgent move so any help would, I sm sure, be very appreciated.

If you fancy a train journey to Manchester at any stage, we’d live to have you join us on our next manchester meet up. X

Hi Teresa,

Found this for a Breast Cancer Support Group in Scarborough:

Somewhere to start perhaps…

I wish you well and hope that the move works out for you.


Should have said that I think that the contact mentioned on the link is a Breast Care Nurse.


Hi, I live near Scarborough and had all my treatment at York as they have a specialist breast care unit there. Sorry I can’t help on the herceptin front as I had EC chemo and am now on Arimidex. There is a Macmillan service at Scarborough hospital tel 01723 342227 or 345187. When I had my chemo I was offered treatment at Leeds or Hull. I opted for Leeds where they have a large specialist cancer wing attached to St James’s hospital called the Bexley wing. There is a group of ladies called the pink ladies and I believe they meet up monthly. I haven’t attended myself so don’t know what it’s like. it’s something that I have thought about doing during the summer months. I have pm’d you.

Hi Muffett,

I’m so sorry you are going through this on top of everything else and hope the move works out for you.

I don’t live in Scarborough but know it well. I’m a bit further south and have all my treatment in Hull which has a fantastic cancer centre.

Can’t help you on the Herceptin, but I have found out about this
support group in Scarborough, it might be the same one that Jill has mentioned, which meets once every 3 months with a breast cancer nurse in attendance. TEL: 01723 342689

I will try and find out more for you.

I sometimes visit Scarborough - I have family near Bridlington so would be really happy to meet up with you. I will PM you.

Hugs Helen x