Anyone looked after relative/friend after mastectomy?


My Mum is having her mastectomy and reconstruction tomorrow and although I’m really nervous and worried about it, I know that after 7 sessions of chemo and a lumpectomy, anything is possible!

I just don’t really know what to expect when Mum has had the op, i.e. what she will be like when she comes out of hospital 4 days after the op. I know she will not be able to do much for herself and I am staying with her initially but I just wondered what sort of timescales there are with how people are after the ops?


Hi Michelle

You may the Breast Cancer Care publication Your operation and recovery, of help. This new booklet explains what to expect before, during and after surgery and includes information on breast cancer operations, recovery times and possible post-operative problems following surgery. This publication can either be downloaded via the link: or from the helpline on 0808 800 6000.

Kind regards

hi michelle, my mum had a mastectomy on thursday 15th may,she went down 2theatre at 8.35am+was awake after it at 10.05am+bak on ward by 10.30am…the operation was a success,she only had 1drain afterwards which was just bout finished at 3pm same day+was told she was a model patient+was allowed the day after friday 16th may!! still cant believe it,they told her she wud be in hospital 4-5days…

suppose 2say allowed home the day after…fri.16th may! oh she doin so well too,but she got plenty of help frm us all…no tablets,no cream,no nurse 2visit,no radiotherapy,just 2wait 4 a letter in 2wks when she has 2go bak 4 a check up…its unbelievable,we’re so proud of her!! good luck 2 ur mam hun+hope everything goes well 4 u both x x take care
karen x x

If I tell you what help I needed would it help? I was in hosp for 2 1/2 days. I had a district nurse daily who emptied my drain and eventually removed it and dressings. My dressings were left on for a few days which is normal I believe, allowing the wound to settle.

The only physical help I needed was a hand out of bed for a few days. I had meals cooked for me and of course did NO housework! I was quite sleepy (aneasthetic) and emotional, so the odd cuddle was welcomed.

I was supprised at how little pain I had from the op. The drain was uncomfortable and on my sleeping side which meant I didn’t sleep so good.

So, good appetising food cooked for her, company if she wants it and space to nap in peace I would say are what I appreciated most.

Good luck. Don’t worry, she will be fine.