Anyone near Lichfield or Derby??? :-)

Hello there

Just had surgery and back for treatment plan tomorrow. This is round 2 for me as just passed 5 year point in the new year - so much for a celebration. I am 39 now, 34 when I had it the first time. I am mum to a 2 year old little girl and would love to connect with people in my surrounding area in a similar situation.

looking forward to hearing from you -

Jo x

Hi there I am in Tamworth DX 07 mastectomy and imm recon but failedo just had it dismantled and redone with an LD flap four weeks ago I am 53 but young at heart if you fancy a chat xxxxxxxx

Hi Jo,

I am a stafford girl (well 55 years young) diagnosed lobular and ductal May 2007 follwed by Mastectomy and auxillary clearance June 2007, on Arimidex. Had a B3 lesion removed yesterday which i understand is not cancer but has potential so, so far so good! Sorry to hear you are on round 2 of all this, what is your treatment plan, and i do so hope all goes well for you, you can always email me for a chat i am only too happy to help in anyway that i can. I am sure your strength that you found first time will get you through this again. Strange how i keep meeting people who have done 5 years then unfortunately have a reccurance.

Hope you are ok and sending all my best wishes