Anyone on Arimidex and pre-menopausal?

After a horrid month on Tamoxifen with chronic depression and anxiety I have had ten days off now and feel good, but my onc wants me to take arimidex now instead. I have read up over the weekend on this and it seems it is prescribed to post-menopausal ladies…at 41 I’m wondering if it will be ok for me. They want to do a blood test in two months time. I haven’t had a period for 6 months, since my second FEC. Can anyone help?!


Arimidex is only given to post menopausal women…if there is any doubt, a blood test called a Follicle Stimulating Hormone is done. The result of this tells the doctors if you are post menopausal or not.

I also had FEC chemo and had a period after my first treatment and that was it…I was 44 at dx. I was put on Tamoxifen for about 9 months and as my periods hadn’t come back, I was given the blood test I described and my hormone levels showed that I could be prescribed Arimidex. I was given the blood test before being prescribed it whereas your onc seems to have suggested it the other way around??

Hope that helps a bit,

Sheana x

Hi Liz,

I had the blood test before being switched to Arimidex as the chemo had tipped me into early menopause. When the results came back I was still showing mid-cycle (despite not having had a period since early Sept 07 due to chemo) so they have also prescribed me a monthly Zoladex injection which, as I understand it, switches off your ovaries. This covers me being a bit pre-menopausal & a bit post menopausal. I had a bone density scan the other day & they were able to say that I had a bit of osteoporosis, again caused by early menopause from the chemo ! My forward thinking oncologist had already started me on bone strengtheners because I was starting on Arimidex & also because I have a bit of bone cancer that isn’t causing me a problem at the mo.

The Arimidex/Zoladex combo does seem to have less side effects than the tamoxifen for me - still not brill but just about bearable & having seen the statistics for my prognosis with & without therapy, I’ll stick with the lesser of two evils !!! Retirement is looking a good option if they’ll give it to me & the consultants have said they’ll fully support me so fingers crossed.

Glad you felt Vine House was productive & good luck with everything.

Best wishes, Liz

Many thanks, I am going to ask about a blood test as it seems to make sense to do that first! I am worried too about effect on my bones. Good luck Liz with the retirement plans.

Liz x

Hi all,

I started with Arimedex after chemo induced menopause at 40. The blood tests showed I was menopausal (as did the grumpy old woman act and the hot sweats). Unfortunately my periods started again 2 months later so my Oncologist switched me to Tamoxifen. My periods continued as normal until my Gynocologist found out and she advised 4 Zoladex injections. That didn’t work either so I am now getting a 3 monthly injection which seems to have done the trick (I can’t remember what it is called, but can find out if anyone is interested). Certainly good to skip the monthly doctors visits, though I do miss the gossip mags!

I think I have been through the menopause about 8 times this year - I am sure you can all imagine what a joy I have been to live with :slight_smile:

I have an appointment with my oncologist on Thursday, so it will be interesting to see whether he puts me back on Arimidex or not.

Take care everyone. Jen

i have just been put onto arimidex after a few months on tamoxifen ive not had a period since july and as part of my treatment i have had my ovaries shut down with radiation as chemo was not given due to my lungs being no good the understudy to my onc has done this but has said that it takes a few months for ovaries to shut down and arimidex doesnt work unless you are post menapausal so i asked if i should have another months of tamoxifen then change tablets but he said no its fine to take them when my tamoxifen runs out. The blood test he said, can be given but because of taking tamoxifen it would be a false reading … so im confused!!! still i have put my trust in the doctors they know more than me
i hope!

jackie x