Anyone on Avastin with or without Capecitabine?

My bone mets have gone on the move after nearly 5 years of hormone treatment and the plan is to start Capecitabine next week. In my discussions yesterday with my onc he also said I will be on Avastin. Is anyone else having this combination? Or does anyone have experience of Avastin on it’s own? I want to discuss with him the need for this extra treatment and would prefer not to have it (as it’s IV and my veins are shot to pieces!) unless it’s really necessary. So any experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Hi i am having Taxol chemo and Avastin for recurrance and lung mets , had 2 x avastin so far they spread it out over the treatment, every other week for me, i had to have a hickman line out in which is so much easier as i FEC in 2008 which damaged my veins!

I had some yukky spots on my leg come up side effect from avastin i think and had anti biotics needed 2 lots but have been ok on it, whatever they can throw at it .

Good luck
Sarah x

Forgot to say i have a Picc line fitted which is a god send as my veins are non existant but it makles treatment easy less painful & slightly quicker too

I am on taxol & avastin & have just had my 18th treatment but am carrying on as I am tolerating it so well. The avastin side effects are not as bad as chemo - main ones I have are Rhinitis - constant nasal irritation & some nosebleeds. all my other SEs are from the chemo like fatigue, etc. they monitor you very closely for high blood pressure & protien in urine as these can be pre cursors to more serious side effetcs but so far no problems. Is the capecitabine not IV as well??? whilst not easy it is copeable with & I agree that I will try anything they can offer. i know some health authorities are limiting their prescriptions of Avastin for breast cancer so I feel lucky to have got it as it is very expensive - about £3k a month apparently!!!

Hi millykins how aften are you having chemo? just wondered as i am on the same, not had scans yet so early days yet to see if it is working but the nurse mentioned that it may carry on ? waiting to speak to onc
Best wishes
Sarah x

Thanks ladies. It just seems an odd combo with capecitabine, which are tablets. Also, having done a bit more research it doesn’t sound a good combo either! Plus a couple of problems with my heart have made me realise this is not an added treatment I want to try as I think it will give me more risks than benefits. A long discussion with onc later this week is now on the cards.
Hope your treatments go well and thanks again
Nicky x

Off topic I know but it worries me sometimes what the oncs do. They gave me tramadol for pain a whil eback and I reacted really badly. It was changed - OK - but I’ve since discovered tramadol is big No No with the anti depressant I’m on - and particularly as I’m on 120mg of that daily when the usual is 60mg I imagine it’s even more iffy.
I must be honest I’ve not raised this with onc cos I don’t want to rock the boat but I’l be double checking suggested treatments in future.