Anyone on CP brand of Tamoxifen?

I have been on ‘CP Pharmaceuticals’ brand of Tamoxifen for about 15 months and have just discovered that the brand has changed name. My local Pharmacy (Boots) said the company has been taken over by ‘Wockhardt’-the address and ingredients are the same but I am reluctant to start taking these new pills in case of unwanted side effects. I know many of you have posted to say that side effects increased/decreased when changing brands. I have had only minor side effects on CP brand so far.
Has anyone else been told that the brand name has changed???
Love Gill x

Hi Gill, don’t know if this is much help… I have been on Tamoxifen for the past week and was prescribed the CP brand box marked “Wockhardt” have been waiting for some side effects but as yet apart from feeling a bit queasy I have been absolutely fine, I take it last thing at night,don’t know if it takes a while to build up in the system or is it down to the evening primrose oil that I’ve started to take as well or maybe I have just been lucky !

Have you compared the ingredients lists of the two brands? I can’t imagine there’d be a huge difference in the make-up of the tablets as the active ingredient would have to be the same

When prescribed Tamoxifen in December 2007, I got the CP Pharmaceuticals brand. Fine for 4 months, then severe joint pains and nausea set in.

In December 2008, my GP prescribed Nolvadex D as I asked him to do so because I believed it might diminish these very unpleasant side effects.

Yes,it did for about 4 months. Now I am experiencing joint aches and nausea once again.

I don’t think the issue is about the 20mg Tamoxifen that we need to have each day, it’s about what else goes into the tablet that perhaps causes the problem.

I am seeing the oncologist for a routine 6-month check up in a couple of weeks so will raise the subject then.

I started tamoxifen in mid December and so far have ended up with a different brand each month - but two times it has been CP am just coming to end of a packet now and have if i can have asked if i can have a few months prescribed at a time as it was getting daft considering i am on them for 5 years…

Interesting what you say about joint pain kicking in after 4 months as i have been having problems just the last couple of weeks - particulary in my left hand… I had wondered if it was because i was developing lymphoedema (was diagnosed with that on Monday) but the lymphoedema nurse said there was no link and it must be something else…


An interesting side to this is the following article, showing that those who experience joint pains whilst on tamoxifen are statistically less likely to suffer from bc recurrence later (and ditto for those experiencing hot flushes too).

Thanks - that article was really interesting.

I had also wondered how strongly er people were…? Officially i am an 8/8 but they said my results were actually off the chart.

Theresa x

I’m 100% er and pr +ve …still no side effects but only been on the tamoxifen a week…maybe not such a good thing after all having just read that article.

Sandra i was fine at first… i have noticed my joints are seizing up a bit the last couple of weeks… i commented about it to Nigel the other night…

I havn’t had much in the way of hot flushes, i’ve woken up a couple of times feeling abit warm - but nothing in the daytime.

Theresa, I’m ER 8/8 and PR 5/8.

I’ve been on tamoxifen since mid January and so far very few side effects. A few sweats and flushes and a bit of seizing up first thing in the morning, but very manageable. I’m currently taking the Nolvadex brand. Considering what you and Bubs have said around the 4 month mark, it will be interesting to see how things go over the next month or so.

Eliza xx

I had exactly the same thing happen; CP changed to Wockhardt and all the stiffness and joint pain that had gone away, came back double!!! I went to my GP but he does not want to entertain the idea of this being anything to do with Tamoxifen. He did a blood test for arthritic conditions, which funilly enough, came back negative.
I am now waiting to see the oncologist re changing to Nolvadex.
Does no one from the profession want to admit to joint pain being a side effect of Tamoxifen?

I’ve been on Tamoxifen since May 08. I too started out with the CP brand, then around April I was given the Wockhardt tablets.

My side effects (including cessation of my periods - which my onc said was very odd as I was only 36 when they stopped) came on straight away, and gradually worsened in the first 6 months, however this was also when I had my radiotherapy, so it’s hard to know how much that was a contributing factor.

Exhaustion has been the worse side effect, followed by night sweats and a ridiculous amount of weight gain. I have gone from 71K to 82k in 14 months, despite rigorous exercise 4x a week and a very healthy diet. I’m also a qualified fitness instructor, so actually know a thing or two about nutrition and fitness (but I digress).

Like joint pain, I’ve had many doctors tell me that weight gain is NOT a side effect of Tamoxifen, but I beg to differ as I’ve most certainly not been sat on my rump eating crisps and ice cream for the last year…

Anyway, I then started the Wockhardt brand (even though I had a box or two left of the CP) and I have had periods in May and June. This month I went back to the CP - period is gone again.

I cannot see any difference in the ingredients between the two brands, and when I discussed this with doctors, I got a “these things can happen” answer from more than one, which tells me nothing, but unless this is pure coincidence (which is always a statistical possibility) that’s a massive difference in side effect, the others being less variable, and some have been helped by alterations in diet (eliminating sugar, wheat and most dairy).

From what my onc has said, because of my age and being er/pr+, Tamoxifen is my only option at the moment. Has anyone else been told that?

You will find LOTS of other posts on here (under different headings) all from women complaining of severe joint pain on Tamoxifen - many of them posted over a year ago. I can’t believe there are so called medical professionals out there who are still denying the connection. Why don’t they just “google” it, they’d soon find out?

I have been on CP since April and so far no SE’s at all, of any kind, other than feeling queasy. However, feeling nauseous started whilst on chemo and has not ceased yet. On the plus side it is nice not to have any unpleasant symptoms after 9 months of tests,surgey and chemo but I’d hate to think the Tamox was not doing it’s job. Although it is odd, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be effective for me - maybe everyone thinks that?

Anyway, new prescription is due and I wonder if I will get a new brand with new symptoms. Dontcha just hate BC?

Jane x

Hi there,

How very interesting. I started Tamoxifen in Nov 2007, a few hot flushes to start with but then absolutely no side effects until I started taking the Wockhardt brand recently. Hot flushes are back during the night and in the day as well, I can feel one building up as I type this! I find it very heartening that I’m not alone here.

I spoke to the pharmacist and he was absolutely certain that the change in brand had nothing to do with it. The BCN said switching brands sometimes helps but didn’t really seem that optimistic. Great.Should I speak to the GP to change the brand or is it just pot luck what you get at the pharmacist?

Many thanks, all the best


I’ve been taking Tam since last September and was originally given CP pharmaceuticals which has just changed to Wokhardt but in between I’ve sometimes been given APS Pharmaceuticals. Anyway I thought I was lucky in having no side effects but having just read that article and being Her 2+, it hasn’t filled me with confidence so I’ll keep taking that little white tablet each day and keep my fingers crossed tightly!
E xx

Veggie I started on wockhardt December and as i was having realy bad flushes spoke to my b.c.nurse and she said the best one to get is Nolvadex.That was like getting blood out a stone as far as my gp was concerned and had awful job getting him to prescribe it.I have since found out the original one was quarter the price of the Nolvadex and looks like they were just cutting costs!I have been on Nolvadex forweeks now and unfortunately still got flushes so I have to be put back on original ones when these are finished.Changing makers can helpsome people but unfortunately I was not one of them.Good luck its worth a try to see if it helps you. Joyce

Cheers Joyce, I appreciate your response.

Take care


I have been on Tamoxifen for 3 1/4 years and every time I change brands I have different side effects. For me Wockhardt is the worst as it makes me suicidually depressed and I can’t stob sobbing after about 2 hrs of taking it. I asked my pharmacist about this and he said the active ingredient is the same in all of them. It got so bad I went back to my oncologist and she said that they are about to conduct research into the differences between brands because many women have complained.

Bascially, what they think is going on is that the ‘carrier’ that delivers the active ingredient to the blood stream is more effective at delivering the drug in some brands than others and this therefore affects the amount of drug in your system.

The greater the side effects the lower your estrogen levels are because more of the drug is being delivered. Hence the view that the more side effects the better the drug is at reducing BC return.

None of this has been formally tested - but I am keeping a diary and log of all the different brands I have taken each three month cycle to see which suit me best.

I had heard that the greater the side effects experienced on aromatase inhibitors eg arimidex the less chance of re occurence.However I didn’t belive this to be the case for tamoxifen,I certainly hope not as I have been on Wockhardt since April and have not as much had a hot flush never mind aches or mood swings etc.
Some women sail through the menopause on depleted oestrogen so surely that should be the case that some women do not suffer from side effects from tamoxifen,my onc certainly sees it as a bonus and hasn’t said that it means it’s not “working”.

Sandra x