Anyone on EC

I have just finishes four cycles of Taxol to shrink the tumour in my breast, I am on a trial. Taxol has really been very effective if anyone is about to have it. I now have to have four cycles of EC and wondered if anyone has had experience of this as I feel scared. I have been receiving counselling as I find it hard to come to terms with chemo!

Hi Greenbean, I had 6 x EC last year like yopu I was scared, but I was quite well on it, no sickness or nausea, started to feel fatigued after 3rd sesssion, and it gradually worsened. Generally , the first few days on the steroids you were full of energy, then the second week a bit tired, the third week normal and then back to square one :slight_smile:

Good luck


Hi Greanbeen

I had 3 x FEC (which I think is very similar) and I had no sickness at all, just hair loss. Was tired, but always put that down to my two little ones, as no rest from them. You will be fine on it and if you have just had 4 x Taxol (is that the same as taxotere), well I have had 2 x Tax so far and find it harder than FEC. But everyone is different.

Take care and let us know how you are

Thank you so much Marge and Dawn, I feel much better now. It was good to have my last Taxol yesterday and know that I am half way through treatment. T axol always hits me from the second day whenthe achey knees set in , dizziness and fatigue. I will feel much better when I get that first EC out of the way. Good to know that you both did not get too many side effects.
Sending you both a hug
Love Alison x

Hi Alison

I too had EC chemo, started in June and had 6 cycles, side effects are not as bad as some other cocktails ! I was only sick once, the tiredness improved as time went on, but suffered with insomnia (you can’t win !). Hope all goes well.

Diane x

Hi Greenbean,
I had my first EC 2 weeks ago, first ever chemo so this still all new to me. I felt dizzy and sick for approx 24 hours. I was sick just the once (thank goodness and it was in the drs surgery). Been ok since but just tired. Not having problems sleeping like I did when I was first dx tho.
Today is day 14 and my hair is starting to fall out!!!
Take care now, dont be scared, I was to but it has not been that bad, well not as bad as I thought anyway and if it kills the cancer, then bring it on I can take it, (I think).
Love Jackie

Hi Alison,

I too am on EC - just had number 5 yesterday. I like Dianne was only sick once and that was after my first one but to be honest I put that down to anxiesty due to worrying all day what chemo was acyually going to be like. It is doable on EC.


Oh, one tip I was given by a chemo nurse, while you have the Cyclophosphamide, (the C part of the EC), you can sometimes get a weird tingly sneezy feeling in your nose, sort of behind your eyes, and as I do get hayfever and quite sensitive there, I did get this. It helps if you have some boiled sweets/mints/chews to suck while they are putting that in. Have some on stand-by just in case!! As everyone else has said, its doable. I’ve just finished my EC, and start Taxol next week, and am quite worried about that, I guess the first time you have any sort of treatment it’s a worry, as its an unknown. And the EC sure worked for me… 5cm lump now gone! Are you on Neo-Tango trial??


Many thanks to Dianne, Jackie lynne and Shannon.
Thank you for the tip about the sweets Shannon, I will get some ready.I am on the Neo- Tango trial! you are on the same chemo. but the other way around.
I have just finished Taxol and my big lump has all but disappeared. I found with Taxol that I was fine the day after then the second day I felt a bit dizzy and about the third my knees started aching. I really started picking up about the fifth day and really it was not to bad.
I get anxious about the chemo sessions and I am now given Lorazepam which really helps. I have this big fear that I am going to have a bad reaction, I know that its very silly!
Anyway sending you all hugs

I have had four EC and waiting for no.5. Tiredness is one of my side effects and constipation!! big time. Suggest you have something ready just in case and eata lots of fibre.

Thanks Jew. Oh dear constipation I have been having trouble with that will have the medicine at the ready, thaks for the tip!
Best wishes Alison