Anyone on Femara who colours hair?


Just have a query regarding hair-colouring whilst on Femara. I have always had my hair coloured whilst on Tamoxifen and never had any problems but in May I started on Femara and in the last month or so it looks like my hair is thinning. Anyway I went to have my hair cut today and mentioned it to my hairdresser and she said that perhaps its not as thick as it used to be and I know that it is one of the side effects of Femara. But I was wondering whether I should continue with having my hair coloured. I am going to see my surgeon on Tuesday but just wondered if anyone has been advised to stop having their hair coloured. I always have a colour test 48 hours before anyway just to see if there is any reaction.



Hello Hazel

I’ve wondered about that as well, I don’t colour very often then its only a wash in wash out do it yourself job. Since I’ve been on Femara, 3 months now I’ve noticed my hair is not in very good condition, very dry. I’ve decided not to bother for the time being, no ones told me not to but then I haven’t ask

Not much help I know.


Hello Jan

I’m off to the hospital on Tuesday and I will ask the question, if I find out anything I will post again. Going forward my hairdresser has said that her suppliers have a new product out that is much kinder to the hair so I will get her to do a skin test on me with that to see if anything happens.


Hi Hazel,

I coloured my hair when on Femara without any problems. I now take Tamoxifan and again - no problems. I hope you have some answers from your doctor and please let us know what information you are given.

Good luck,

Hi I am on Letrozole and colour my hair. Its worth continuing to give yu the feel good factor, yes it does cause hair thinning etc, but so does age anyway. Just use good serums on it and take cod liver oil capsules etc. Pamper yourself and all will be well. Kim


I went to see my consultant on Tuesday and asked him about hairloss, he said that he wasn’t aware that hairloss was a major problem with Femara and suggested that I ask my Oncologist in April who had put me on Femara in May.

Anyway I am going to have my hair coloured in December hopefully and I always get my hairdresser to do a skin test anyway 48 hours before I have my hair coloured so I will see what happens. My hairdresser is trialling a new product that is supposed to be a lot kinder on hair so by December I will be able to use that one.


Alopecia is listed as a common side effect on the Summary of Product Characteristics for Femara. I’m on Aromasin which can also cause hair loss but I’ve coloured my hair for years and still do. I had to wait for several months while it grew back after chemotherapy but started having professional hightlights again as soon as it was long enough.

I take very good care of my hair and use a leave in conditioner every day. I also take ‘Hair and Nails’ capsules.

I think you should continue with colouring your hair as it will make you feel better but do take good care of it.
Good luck. Anthi x