anyone on metaformin for blood sugar control.

Ive just been put on metaformin small dose to help regulate my blood sugars as the chemo has sent it a bit up and down.
when googling i found this so i dont sort of mind being on it now.
just wondered if anyone else is on it?

hatty this study is even better:

Metformin is looking like a very promising drug for bc prevention and treatment - there is some evidence that it can also destroy breast cancer stem cells and therefore reduce the risk of recurrence.


thank you , yes there is a lot of research going on out there ive been looking and its looking very promising even if your not diabetic like me just bordering. Its a pain what chemo brings on but a bonus when you read some of the research. I cant be the only one on here with this problem surely, there again it wouldnt surprise me im the only one with CUP cancer such is my life to ba a loner ha ha.

Just be aware there are some side effects to metaformin which are very unpalatable and come with use - namely a sudden uncontrollable need to Number 2!!! I had it for diabetes type 2 and couldn’t cope with that side effcet at all - no fun in the middle of Sainsburys!!

ooo dear that will be me off it if thats the case does that apply to everyone on it?

Hi my OH is on metformin and did have terrible upset tummy and bad wind when he first started taking them but that settled down after a couple of weeks.


When unergoing my pre-op tests for WLE I was picked up for Type 2 Diabeties. I didn’t have a clue I had it (blame my old dad, seems I probably inherited it). Not overweight or any other risk factors

Felt a bit like buy one (DCIS) & get one free (Diabeties). Anyway I’m on Metformin and a statin, luckily didn’t really suffer “gut rot” my GP so eloquently described.

Bit of a tummy ache the first morning but nothing after.

Mind you I get free perscritions now!

im going to be taking 500mg tablet once a day so its a very low dose just to stabalize things as im not diabetic its the chemo thats causing it, i am borderline so whether it will develop further i dont know. Im supposedly coming off it in another 12 weeks when ive finished tax. My bloods are only just into the diabetes zone max 8.2 but drop to normal during the day.

I’ve also just started taking metaformin 500mg for type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar levels went haywire during chemo and haven’t realy settled down since (last chemo December 2009) Pre BC I was taking one 80mg gliclazide a day and my blood sugar levels were always spot on. I now take 3 gliclazide and 1 metaformin and it’s still on the high side. Having read the info on metaformin it says DO NOT TAKE ALCOHOL. I like a drink (not a soak yet!!) and am off on hols next week so I might have to have an alcohol free holiday. I had windy side effects for a week or so. The Dr did warn me that I’d be f**ting for England - actualy it was for the whole of the UK!!

Sounds a bit like chemo wind for the world, i cant believe but havent started taking it yet as my bloods dropped in to the high end of normal so will have to speak to the doc again. It may be just the first week of chemo not sure now.

So glad I came across this post.
My blood sugars have been all over the place, ranging from 14.6 to 6.1 over the past few months.
I was 9.1 in a test prior to surgery, which was a surprise to me. Then got steadily worse on the steroids with my FEC. I developed Steroid Psychosis and was taken off the steroids which has resulted in resumption of relative sanity! However my Blood Sugars are still hay-wire. I was concerned that the steroid content of the haemorrhoid suppositories I use may be enough to effect BS…
No one at the Hospital seems to be particularly concerned… I AM!!!

My oncologist warned me it could happen but not interested typical… They are only interested in getting rid of the cancer and say you can sort all that out after treatment. Well i say lets keep an eye on BP and BS because i dont want to have a stroke as well as cancer. My GP is a gem and we work together on this part of my cancer. I will keep posting so you know how it goes Emma, do speak to your GP.