Anyone on Vinorelbine (Navelbine)?

Pauline, hope you get a longer run on Vinorebine. I’m more disappointed that it was such an easy chemo for me to take but it is nice not having to go to the chemo ward on letrozole. I think my onc likes to work through the chemos that give you the best chance of a decent quality of life first so she likes cap and vinorebine. She did think about putting me on letrozole before but decided to opt for chemo first. There do still seem to be plenty of options to run through as well. Hope your breathing improves soon too, I think I’m just a bit too impatient as live in a 3rd floor flat and struggling with the stairs just now.

Hi Angelfalls!!havnt been here for a while. I am on vinoralbine. I start cycle 3 on friday. I am tired on it, but other than that feel ok. I have constant liver pain now, a bit worried about it. How are you?xxx

Hi gail5. I have just finished cycle 3 of vino redbone. The side effects have been minimal. Tiredness and nausea. I get scan later this month and see onc on Friday 9th may. Will keep u updated. Hope it’s working for me. Hope it goes well for you too. Be in touch soon. X helen

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Hello everyone I’m posting again for my partner and would warmly welcome any replies based on your experience. Her tumours in her liver have been growing since scan found them in April. Initially suggested faslodex but with a recommendation for it to be monitored closely and impression by oncs of not much hope in it. In that light she opted for a trial. Cancer has continued to grow in the 4 weeks of the trial. A scan is planned for tomorrow. Sheay then have to come off the trial. The big decision then is whether to go for chemo or not. Once is saying her liver may be too dagef to cope with the toxicity. But it is her choice. Alternative is no treatment. Anyone in a similar situation?

Sorry for typos. That should be oncologists not once! And worry that liver too damaged for chemo.