Anyone opted for ovary removal?

Hi. Some reading this may already know my story… Apologies for repeating if you do. 


Diagnosed with grade 2 lobular breast cancer (56mm) August 2015. Lateral mammoplasty and lymph biopsy October, more surgery November (clear margin not done as originally though it was 27mm! Path tests showed different!) for clear margin and lymph node clearance 1/11 proved positive. Hormone receptive. 


Chemotherapy started 18th December of 6 cycles, FEC x 3 and T x 3. Finished chemo April 1st.

Radiotherapy started 19th May, 15 treatments plus 4 boost treatments finished on June 14th. 

I started taking Exemestane (team told me new research proves this is best for me, taking for 10 years) 10th June and had first monthly injected Zoladex implant 15th June… 


So, here I am after my consultation with oncologist today, feeling ok, skin doing better than expected and relieved active treatment over. I’ve just asked him about the options/pros cons of having ovaries removed as I’m taking drugs to suppress them and prevent oestrogen!?? 

i get the feeling he was going to say this was an option anyway… 


theyve said it’s an option for me and to let them know, then I’d be referred to gynaecology consultant to discuss, probably with couple of weeks?!.. I know I’ll still have the menopausal side effects but wondered if anyone else has opinions, experience or advice on this option?? 


If if I can reduce my risk of it coming back or the risk of ovarian cancer I will.

Thanks xxx Tina 

Hi I had a full hysterectomy as mine was er positive. I started getting tamoxifan polyps. Large ones apparently. So gynae suggested taking ovaries but I said take it all because of my increased risk of ovarian and he did.

Hi Tina. I have recently been to see the gynae about this- it was suggested for me because of family history of ovarian and breast as well as my own breast cancer. The doctor really took the time to explain everything and even sent me to the psychologist associated with the unit to talk it through. The conclusion was to do it but to leave it 6 months or so to give myself a rest which really made sense to me even though I was initially in the ‘get it over with’ camp. So I would recommend going to discuss it. You should be given time to work through it and stay in control unless there is some reason they think it needs to be done urgently. If you are in London I can recommend where I went as also remember you can choose what NHS hospital. Good luck!! Jenny