anyone out there in hampshire and under 40?

Hello everyone, I didn’t know where to put this so put it in chit chat and fun. I would be very interested to talk to women with BC under 40 in the Hampshire area as this where I live and although the site is very helpful, it would be nice to speak to some one closer to home and having or had treatment in my area. Love to hear from you all ! I am off work at present and feeling a bit lonely as waiting for results at present. Rachy xxx

Hi Rachy,
I do not live in Hampshire, but just wanted to send you a big hug as you sounded quite down. It is very hard waiting for results. Hope some ladies around Hampshire reply to you soon.

Lots of Love

Thanks jill xx

Hi Rachy,
Just a suggestion, but you may get a better response if you asked the moderator to move your post into say “Undergoing treatment for bc”, as probably more ladies visit there than chit chat. I posted a similar post to yours under that category and got a good response. Good Luck

Hiya Rachy
I live in Hants but unfortunately am over 40!! (Although I have been known to lie about my age occassionally) I had my treatment at Haslar and Portsmouth. Hope you get some response
Best wishes

Hiya rachy

i live in Southampton and am 39 (37 when diagnosed), I currently am off work having chemo for secondaries. It is lonely, I know exactly how you feel. I find Private messages on this site a nightmare to use but would be happy to get in touch.


Hello hilary and jan, Nice to hear from hampshire hogs ! I live in Romsey and am having treatment in Winchester at the mo. Will know more know more on thursday about my bc. Nice to hear from you both. Will try private messages.

Rachael xx

All results in now so know what will happen next. No spread beyond left breast and clear margins but tumour bigger than first thought 2.5 cm. Is IDC grade 3 pro - her - es +.Think that is how it is worded any way !! Tumour all gone but needs blasting with rads and chemo.Which sounds daunting to me !!!

Hiya Rachy
Good news that you will not need more surgery ,I never have understood all the technical bits about my tumour. I didnt need chemo but had 26 rads and it might seem daunting but you will get through it. Just give yourself plenty of time to rest. Do you work or have a family. Your head is probably everywhere right now, sometimes I think back and cant believe that I got through all that but with the help of loads of chocolate I have!!!I have been to Romsey a few times and it is lovely. Will you have rads at Souithampton,that is the worse bit the daily travelling.
Anyway keep in touch
Best wishes

Hello Hilary, I will have my rads at Southampton but chemo at Winchester.i do not have children but have a cat, my dad and a partner ! I do work but off at the mo.I may not return to work as i think having this disease makes yoiu re think your life and the job, even though I did have times I enjoyed, was stressful and I am hearing some worrying things from there ( gossiping etc by staff) Life is too short for all that crap so will only be doing things i enjoy and with people who make me feel good.
Look forward to hearing from you again


Hi Rachael

So glad to hear no spread, chemo and rads actually OK. i had EPI/CMF at southampton and rads as well. All OK and I was able to work throughout. Now off work but would like to go back. You are right, cancer makes you look at things differently - what was once so important now seems so trivial.

As I have secondaries I may not be the person you wish to be in touch with at the moment but I wanted to say that the initial chemo and rads really was OK - I had minor side effects only and was not sick at all. Once it was over I felt absoloutly fine.

I hope it all goes OK.


Thanks Jan for your kind words of support. I hope your treatment is going ok at present. None of us with BC know if we might get secondaries so I am not put off with you talking about yours. It is scarey having cancer and must be terrifying having secondaries ! I realise that i have only been recently diagnosed so have a long way to go yet. My mum had bc in the early 1980’s, similiar tumour to mine she said. Blasted her with lots of rads and had a mast. She was clear for 21 years then had local reoccurence 2003 but ok now.
Despite our differing bc’s it is still nice to chat to you.

Take care Rachy