Anyone out there in Lincoln

Hi I was diagnosed on the 25 Feb. I’ll be having treatment in Lincoln anyone fancy meeting for a cuppa???

Hi, Im further down the line from you, was diagnosed almost a year ago now. I just wanted to say that I was treated in Lincoln and I found the service 1st class. Its very scary for you at the moment, but time will make you stronger.

I had chemo, mx, rads, ooperectomy, now currently taking letrozle and have just had no 4 out of 18 herceptin.

I have two youngish kids (4 & 9) and am due to go back to work in the next couple of weeks. Im looking forward to getting back to normality, but im worried about the tiredness.

I dont have the time to meet up at the mo, but would be happy to buddy up on here if you wish.

Who is looking after you at the hosp?? I have Mr G (he’s lovely) as my consultant surgeon and Dr Murray as my ONC - have loads of respect for each of them.

Take care
Ness1. x

Hello, yes I live in Lincoln!

I was diagnosed in October 2007. I’ve had a mastectomy, radiotherapy and I am currently taking Arimidex. I went to Leicester R.I. in December 2008 for a reduction on my good breast and I am on the waiting list (hopefully 4 months) for reconstruction, again, at Leicester.

Let me know how you are, maybe we can meet up!

Lynda xx

Hi Ladies…

I am in Lincoln too, thought I was the only one on this site>>>>>

Had 7 chemos from last July, wle in Jan, full node clearance and now just 3 rads to go.
Hopefully slow retun to work next month ish. Arimidex for 5 years…am on my 9th week so a few more to go!!!

Anyone been out for a cuppa yet???

Chris x


I work in Town and can meet up lunchtimeish - if anyone wants to meets let me know.

Lynda xx

HI lynda

I can make lunch times for now. I am at hospital for rads this mon tues wed at 830am so can stay in town and ‘window shop’. Let me know if one of these days suits you and we can perhaps meet under the clock!!!

Chris x

Hi Chris

Can’t do Wednesday but can do Tuesday. Will be under the clock at 12.30 p.m. If this is not OK don’t worry we’ll try and meet up again another day.

Hope to see you.

Lynda x

Hi Linda

I’m sorry but have made plans to pick daughter up now from nk after rads as we are going to Scunthorpe. She knows of a bargain shop there(I’ll see!!!). She has only just rung me tonight and as I hadnt seen anything on here earlier I said ok.
Yes we can hopefully meet another day, even thurs or friday. Rads finishes on wed, yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

see you soon
Chris x

Hi Chris

You must be overjoyed that your radiotherapy has finished - well done! Have you had any side effects??? I was very fortunate and sailed through it. Looked like I’d got a bit of a tan and that was it. I have heard of other ladies, unfortunately, who have had some awful burns. My Mum says it was all down to the sunbathing I did when I was younger - it had made me immune!!!

Sorry can’t do Thursday or Friday this week. If you’re around next week let me know - can’t do Monday, Tuesday or Thursday - sorry!!! We will meet - I promise!!!

So what is it for you now - Tamoxifen or Arimidex??? Who is your Oncologist - mine is Mr. Sareenivasen (spelt wrong!!). Have you had surgery??

Sorry to be so nosey!


Lynda xx

Hi Lynda

have sent you a pm
I am on Arimidex for 5 years (forgot to put that bit in!)
My onc. is Dr Chowdhri, surgeon was Mr Jibril, a lovely man.

Wednesday looks promising for a meet up next week, hopefully the weather will be a bit better

see ya soon
Chris x



love the spaniel, I have a 12 year old lurcher called Lottie.

I am now on day 3 after my WLE and SNB The lump was bigger then they first thought. But i am now at home(i came home on Wednesday ) Feeling sore and bruised but othwise not too bad at all. I have to wait 3 weeks for the results as the hospital are having an audit and no surgeons are about the week before Easter. Would love to meet up but will have to be in a couple of weeks. Marion

Hello Marian and Chris

Marian - hope you are OK and making a good recovery. What happens next? Chemo? I hate to be ignorant but what is SNB - I’m sorry but all these abbreviatons lose me! I too was told that my lump was bigger than they had expected - but I’m still here! Best wishes - get well soon! Look forward to meeting up with you when you have recovered.

Chris - yes Wednesday is OK next week. It’s the only day I have left! Don’t know how it’s happened! Mr. Jibril is my consultant but I’ve never seen him, I’ve only ever seen Mr. Nair. Why is it that some of us see one man and some of us see another??? Why is your oncologist different to mine??? Perhaps it’s something to do with the day of the week we are diagnosed??? What do you think??

Love to both of you.

Lynda xx

Hi Lynda

SNB = sentinel node biopsy. If you put it in search it should tell you more about it.

Great, Wednesday it is then, 12.30 ? and ‘clock’ ?? !!

I have no idea how we get ‘allocated’ our oncs but was very happy with Mr Jibril.

Marion hope you are recovering well after your surgery and will look foreward to meeting up when you are able.

I got through rads this week without any problems but chest has a rash now (great) and I am trying very hard not to itch it!!! I am splodging lots of cream on and have put aloe vera gel on the rash. Lets hope it does the trick.

Hope you have a restful weekend both, don’t forget to put your clocks foreward tomorrow night!!

Love Chris xx

Hi Chris

Wednesday it is 12.30 p.m. at the clock.

How’s the rash?? When I hear about some of the side effects other ladies have had, I feel very guilty.

Thanks for letting me know what SNB means!! I’m useless at abbreviations.

Marion - hope you are recovering. Take it easy and get plenty of rest.


Lynda xx


I am doing fine although my breast looks like I’ve been in a boxing ring. Its turning some lovely colours. My underarm feels sore like wearing somthing that is to tight. My next treatment is Radiotherapy which I have been told will be 6 weeks after surgery. Hope you ae all doing well The weather makes you feel better I have been for a walk today.

Hi Lynda

looking foreward to seeing you soon. My rash is quite itchy but not geting any worse. apparently the radiation is still working for up to 14 days afterwards so I have 10 days before it is out of my system. Never feel guilty for what you have been through regardless that others have had it worse, having cancer in any form is more than enough for anyone.

ooops I pressed send by mistake half way through my message!!!

Marion yes the weather makes all the difference to how you feel. I took Lottie out for an hour around some woods and it was lovely.
Have you been given some exercises to do. ? It is important to do them several times a day to keep your arm moving. I have some numbness under my arm where all the nodes were removed and it is such a strange feeling. I suppose it could be nerve damage and feeling may not return.

bye for now
Love Chris xx

Hi Marian & Chris

After my mastectomy I was numb underneath my armpit and down my side, but after a year it gradually went and I now have all the feeling back. I thought it would never get back to normal.

Sunday was lovely I got into the garden and did a bit of tidying up. Thought today was going to be more of the same - was I mistaken!!! Had my hair trimmed for the fist time today since it started to grow back, been putting it off but had to do something I looked like the Wild Woman of Wonga!

Marian - take things easy and look after yourself.

Chris - looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday.


Lynda xx

Hi U two !!

hope your day has been ok
I took lottie out for a brisk walk in the fields for an hour, trying to get a bit fitter and loose a few pounds (maybe one day!)
On saturday I went to the odeon to see ‘Marley and me’, if you love dogs this is one film to miss, a real tear jerker, lots of funny bits at the beginning but the last half was so sad. Lots of sniffles going round the room.
Lynda I havn’t got to the ‘I need a haircut’ stage yet"! I still need to put my wig on when I go out. also sometime during the last few years of colouring my hair it has sneakily gone grey…I prefer to call it silver, it sounds better, well slightly better!!. It shall be coloured again eventually. I think we have to wait 6 months after chemo before putting more additives onto our hair.
I thankfully only have a small back garden. Last year I had a few flagstones put down and maybe this year i will dig up some of the grass, put a weed sheet down and some pretty coloured stones, anything to make life a bit easier.
I put a lot of seeds out for the birds over the winter and they just throw it anywhere. Now I have lots of strange weeds growing in the grass. Next year I will just keep their food in one corner.

See you soon Lynda
take care Marion

love Chris xx