Anyone out there in Reading, Berkshire want to meet up or chat?

Hi there, I am 54 and new to this forum. I am having FEC for breast cancer and have had a lumpectomy and lymph glands removed. Some days I am too tired to do anything and don’t do much on those days. I have not worked for 3 months and feel at a loose end on the days when the chemo fog lessens. Happy to support/share etc by phone, email, meet up etc.

Hi there Fairy Lady…I am 50, live near Reading, lumpectomy in July 2012, started chemo Aug 2012, finished Jan 2013. Just finished radiotherapy and still having Herceptin. If you want to chat/email get in touch, I am happy to share experiences and help if I can.

Hi there

I am 52, had lumpectomy in September, finished chemo in January and finished rads last week. I live fairly near Reading and work in Reading so again, happy to mail, chat and/or meet up.

Jayne x

Hello ladies, thanks for your replies. I am amazed to get any replies so I don’t know what to suggest next. Shall we meet up for a cuppa or lunch?

Could do either - I live near Wokingham and work at Green Park - which side of Reading are you?

Hi Fairy Lady ( love the name) Jax and Jayne I live in Windsor so only a hop and a skip from Rdg. But I am 3 yrs from Dx. There was another thread a short while ago from this area but I heard no more. Jayne think you may have seen it?
Jacq xx

Hello ladies, sorry for the delay in replying. I couldn’t add any comments before due to my chemo brain forgetting I had to log in first, doh! I have just had my 3rd FEC which was the worst so far and then had a cold and hacking cough for which I got antibiotics. I live in Tilehurst and can drive during week 3 which is this week, which might be too soon to organise something. What is Dx please?

Hi ladies
I am a Bracknell girl ( for my sins) so would love to meet up too…like Libby I am abit further on ( nearly 2 years post diagnosis and just finished Herceptin) but suddenly feel need for, and to, support.
Count me in

M x

I am guessing that you are all at work, so how about Saturday 12th April 12.30, either in a restuarant in Reading town centre or else somewhere near Juntion 10 on the M4? What are your preferences?

Saturday 12th April is fine for me - how about the Peacock Farm Pub at Jennets Park (between Junction 10 and Bracknell just off the A329) which is easy to find and to park.

By the way Dx is diagnosis.

It would be great to meet up with all the locals!

Jayne x

Hi ladies
That Saturday is abit awkward for me, will have to juggle things and cant guarantee but please go ahead if good for everyone else. I’m not back at work yet ( !!) and just off to hospital to get my port taken out of my arm…big step !! Bit excited but also bit scared !
Btw, Peacock Farm great for me as only 10 mins away but also ok to drive further if not good for others.
How will we know eachother ??? Wear something pink ?
Marion X

So my chemo brain is at it again, aaarh. The 12th of April is a Friday, anyway let’s to change it to NEW DATE Saturday 20th April 12.30 when Jacqui is back from holiday and maybe I’ll be a bit more compos mentis by then, ha ha. What do you all think?

20th is fine with me. Does Peacock Farm work for everyone or any other suggestions?

i hadn’t even noticed that the 12th was a Friday - defo chemo brain or at least that is my excuse!!

Looking forward to meeting up…

Jayne x

OK let’s go for Saturrday 20th April 12.30 at the Peacock. I can’t think of anywhere better to suggest in Reading and certainly not in Tilehurst! :slight_smile: I am will be wearing a burgundy bowler hat.

I will be carrying a purple handbag! We can meet in the small bar area just inside the door then we shouldnt miss each other

Just picked up the thread - i live in Reading . Had lump removed beginning of Feb. Refushed chemo and have just had the 8 from 20 radiotherapy treatments. Start hormone tablets as well tomorrow. can i join you ladies?

Lovely, looking forward to meeting you

HI Ladies, just catching up with this thread after my holiday and would love to catch up with you all on Saturday.
I’ve had 10 blissful days away with no doctors/hospital appointments. Came back on Saturday and have already been to hospital 3 times!!!.. xx

Look forward to seeing you all on Sat. I’m the 62 year old with a wooden bead necklace that spells DRAGONLADY !