anyone out there who has had bilateral mx and recon, then had all removed and now flat chested?

I am 44 yrs old, diagnosed with bc 5 yrs ago. had mx, then yr later a prophalactic mx with bilateral recon with expanders. Recon gone wrong and now face having expanders out . surgoen keen to replace with more implants but already had contracture with migragtion of implant. Really not sure what to do as only had experience of 1 sided mx- what is it like being completely flat chested? Please help!


I had my implants removed (with expanders) I do however have 1/2 a boob which is made up from my back muscle. I am now back in mastectomy bras and have to go back to the hospital to have another fitting for a prothesis. My surgeon said she will talk with me next year about replacing the implant which at the moment I have different thoughts weither to or not!!!

Its really hard when the op fails to be honest as I am sure you were didnt even think it would happen to me.

I get comfort (if thats the right term) knowing I;m not alone.

I didn’t bother with the recon, well actually couldn’t have it at the time as the op would have been too long but I did have bilateral mastectomy.

I’m spent the last 6 months getting used to the flat chest and I’m actually going to go as far as saying it’s got it’s plusses. I wouldn’t have had a bilateral mastectomy for cosmetic purposes but I’m pretty happy actually. I’m a slim built person so I don’t look odd. I don’t wear the prosthetics very often and might stop wearing them altogether now as people have got used to the way I’m shaped… no one ever notices my chest, even when I tell them I’m having treatment for breast cancer.

I never really liked the attention my boobs got from some blokes (and I do mean blokes not men) so I always played them down, ie no plunging neck lines and tight tops. Now I really don’t have to worry about it but actually still have a feminine shape (once my chemo belly has calmed down a bit, I’m a bit pot bellies at the mom LOL).

You might find this thread helpful:

It’s about a great US website that talks about living without recon, it’s quite an enlightening site.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear prosthetics or anything just saying you don’t have to if you don’t want to be bothered with em.


My mum had her mastectomy’s 15 years appart with no recon. When she had second op I noticed she became so much more confident. She no longer wears any prosthesis and says she feels so much happier being even. She stands up straighter with her shoulders back now and does not hide in baggy shapeless tops anymore. She says how comfortable it is not having to wear a bra, not to mention the money saved.

Jackie x

I’m now 9 weeks post-op following bilateral mastectomy and immediate reconstruction with tissue expanders. The discomfort isn’t really lessening, in fact my Consultant increased my pain medication 3 weeks ago and started me on Tramadol and Lorazepam which makes me feel sick so I’m now on anti-emetics too!!

I went back to the Royal Marsden last Tuesday and it turns out the pain is being caused by my left expander moving!! Can you believe that? I couldn’t when the Consultant told me but she was able to move it with her hands and that reproduced the pain I’ve been getting in the ribs. She doesn’t know why this has happened and quite honestly told me that she doesn’t have any magic solutions for me. She has suggested I try wearing a tight fitting sports bra 24/7 until my next appointment in 4 weeks and see what happens.

The right hand implant is nicely in place where it should be but for some reason the muscle on the left hasn’t contracted around the expander.

At least I now know why which is something but if it doesn’t settle and I’m unable to live with the pain the only option will be to take the expanders out. I hope it does settle. Otherwise I’ll just have to live with prostheses. And the way I feel right now I’m wishing I’d opted for that originally, despite being only 46.


dear all who have so kindly left these messages,
Thank you so much. you are giving me some great reassurrence and I think I will go with my gut instinct in not having any more recon done. I feel that the PS’s seem to think that I must be mad for not wanting recon, but I feel I have been through enough with treatments and surgery instead of having to possibly face more surgery. Thank you so much ladies- I have no one to really talk to about this and its wonderful to get feedback from those who really know.
anne x