Anyone recently diagnosed in the sutton area

Hi been recently diagnosed stage 2 invasive. Crumbling and gutted found out 8th March and surgery 11Th April seems like a year away. Going to Marsden in sutton. J. x

Hi Butterfly,

I’m not surprised to hear that you are “crumbling & gutted”. It is a pretty shocking experience to be diagnosed with breast cancer. I am not recently diagnosed - an old hand really as I have been going to the Sutton Marsden for 22 years now. You will be in good hands at one of the best hospitals in the country. If we found appointments/treatments coincided and you wanted to meet up for coffee I would be happy to do that.


Hi Butterfly 52
So sorry you feeling overwhelmed no from Sutton but heard it has a brilliant unit.

Dawn just to say I am down your neck of the woods for a few days visiting my friend in Ewell
I leave been to the hospital a few times when she has been in, for ops and having babies

I love it down in surrey

Take care

Hi Butterfly
I was DX in feb, Had Lumpectomy and node clearance for grade 3 ILC 3cm tumour 3/20 nodes affected… Massive shock eh, Life just bobbing along and then bam !! I live in Sutton and am under the Royal marsden, had 1st chemo on tuesday, Marsden are very good, they get on with everything preety quickly they like to get treatment plan in place asap, From my dx it was just one week to op and then from op it was 4 weeks healing and chemo, which you may not have to have as you are a lower grade and nodes may not be involved so fingers x for that,

Anytime you want a chat or rant, just post or message me, sorry you have found yourself on here , but you will find much support

Hugs Janice x

I was diagnosed with grade 3,stage 2a invasive ductal cancer end of feb. had lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on 23 March at st George’s. Nodes clear but now wait until wednesday to see if margin is clear. Chemo and radio therapy to follow. A massive shock for me, family and friends. A very unsettling time, always seem to be waiting for results and feel you have to try to prepare for the worst and yet know you have to be positive. Most of the time I can be strong about it but have moments when on my own that I have a good blubber. Keeping busy and occupied helps. Know what you’re going through. Aly x

Hi Aly
Another local lady eh, this bc gets around dosent it, I had both my babys in St Georges as org from good old Tooting, How are you feeling since op, when do you start chemo any ideas and will it be at Marsden or georges ?

Ive been preety positive but the last few days been hard after 1st chemo as feel cra**y but I must admit my fault i under estimated the power of the chemo :frowning: Hopeing to go to work next few for a couple of afternoons in white blood cell count ok and im not too shattered, Keep in touch let me know how you get on with your treatment.

Best wishes Janice x

Hi Aly and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support here please feel free to call our helpliners for further information and support on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2

I am posting to the BCC ‘Newly diagnosed’ information page where you will find further support ideas and information publications which you may find helpful:

Take care

Hello Girls The DX of BC is such a shock.

I am more worried that I am being too brave and positive not showing any emotion, still havent cried or got angry.

I have spent sometime reading the March forum and felt I did not quite fit into that group but definately worth a visit such a inspirational and supportive group I was so pleased to see the Sutton group. I had my first Chemo session at the Royal Marsden Sutton On Monday 26th so like Lottie63 just on the treatment rollercoaster.

I was diagnosed on the 16th Feb and then surgery lumpectomy followed by lymph node axillary dissection followed with my first appointment at the Royal Marsden. Everyone at the Royal Marsden are wonderful.

Aly As you said I have tried to prepare myself for the worse and prepare myself for everything that is coming and in my case that has really helped.

I have a huge sickness phobia and this has been a big concern for me, but day 6 after chemo NO SICKNESS so the drugs they have given me have really helped. Hair Loss seems to be another big worry, I thought
I had conquered that one, looked into wigs and decided would have it cut off before it fell out, but I tried the cold cap on Monday, not very nice managed the whole session but questioning whether I am doing the right thing as I think it will only delay the hair loss.

Lottie63 did you get the opportunity to use the cold cap? did you want to? any advice.?

Thank you Dawn for our reassuring comments about the Royal Marsden someone who has had lots of experience.

Aly and Butterfly52 I think for you both the waiting is hard, defintely keeping busy and occupied helped me.

Thinking of you all

Marian x

Hi Loubelle
Glad your feeling ok after your first chemo, Not been too bad bit nauseaus and not sleeping too good but all bearable.

I was going to use the cold cap but after discussing with BCN and ONC it was advised my chances of keeping my hair was roughly 1 chance in 10 , as im having fec-t i was told chances of keeping it once T starts even less and to be honest not knowing if it was gonna go is worse i think than just accepting its going end of… My way of dealing with it i suppose. Got wig and bandanas ready, I was dx on 21st feb my 49th b’day :frowning: op on 27th & chemo 27th March so all happened preety quickly, still in shock, but unlike you I have had really bad teary days espsince chemo… was holding it together well but got a bit much last few days but i seem to be lifting a bit now,

Anyway good vibes to you all, keep in touch let each other know how we are all doing… we are neighbours after all :slight_smile:

Love Janice x

Hi all I’m another royal Marsden lady a great hos been going there a yr now can’t fault it maybe we can start a Marsden thread and meet up day lol tc all Laura

Hi Laura
How are you ? that would be lovely we should get together for a coffee and chat, would help us all Im on FEC-T at mo once 3 weekly, next due at marsden 18th April, how often are you there now ?

Love to you all

Janice x

Diagnosed in March and already had my op to remove the cancer. Due to start chemo at Kingston in April but will be at the Marsden in Sutton for my radiotherapy. It’s been a big shock and I’m trying to stay positive - sometimes too positive!!

Chin up and maybe we’ll meet up later in the year!

Hi Everyone I agree it would be a lovely idea to be able to meet up for a coffee and a chat.

Definately having problems sleeping now only managing 3 hrs a night and last night slight sore throat but came out in a rash this morning over shoulders and back no temperature but a little worried rang for advice, it is wonderful to be able to talk with someone or share concerns on a forum like this. Once reassured I just have to monitor things, the rest of the day has been not too bad. Still managing this brave positive, attitude I am sure the tears will appear soon.

Thank you Lottie63 for your comments on the cold cap, that is why I asked I believe I put myself through that session for nothing because as you said at the change over of drugs the cold cap will not work anyway.

Thining of you all Marian x

Hi everyone,

It was nice to get replies to my post and good to have contact with local people going through similar experiences.

Lottie63, I feel I am recovering quite well from op although I wasn’t prepared for the strange sensations in my lower shoulder area (numbness and a tugging feeling which I presume is linked to nerve damage that will eventually heal). It seems to improve if I keep on the move. I will have chemo at St Georges (starting in May assuming no further ops required) and radiotherapy at Sutton. Chemo sounds tough. I hope you are beginning to feel a bit better. I suppose you just have to see it as a means to an end - easy for me to say now. The whole work situation is a tricky one. I am lucky to have paid sick leave although I can go in any time if I feel well enough. However part of me feels that when I am well I should use that time to do positive things that will improve my health and fitness so that I can better prepare for the next bout of illness. Would like to hear of others thoughts/experiences.

LouBelle, I haven’t thought too much about what to do about hair loss and whether or not to try cold cap - don’t know enough about it yet so am keen to hear of others experiences. Part of me feels if it is another treatment to be endured that may not be successful then I may try to accept hair loss and go with the flow. Again, easy to say now, but may not be so accepting when the time comes.

Thanks Lucy for the information.

I hope everyone is coping all right. Will keep in touch.

Aly x

I was diagnosed in november, had op at the end of Nov and another in january to have lymph nodes removed and I am currently at the marsden having my chemo, number 4 tomorrow. I was orginally at kingston ( who were fab too) but because im doing a medical trial had to transfer to sutton.

Re cold cap - I tried the cold cap (as I though Id give anything a go to try and keep my hair) it didnt work for me, but i know some people who it has. loosing my hair was quite traumatic at the time, but i have now embraced it and go mainly ‘commando’ at home! After each cycle it does tend to grow a little bit so i know it will return eventually.
I live in Chessington so not far from sutton

Gill x


Thanks for sharing your experiences re cold cap. You just can’t predict how you are going to react to anything that lies ahead. With friends and family, I come across most of the time as very matter of fact and quite positive but actually I’m pretty fed up (understatement!). I hate the way my life has changed and am dreading the treatment I have coming. I am sick of the way I have been consumed by this. It is with me all the time and I just want my life back as it was. I’m sure I’m feeling so negative because I have post op appointment with results of margin tomorrow and I get more and more anxious as these appointments approach. I know this is just a blip and that I will feel better soon.

Hope you are all coping with the various stages you are at.

Aly x

Aly Thinking of you today getting your results.

Lindyloo49 Thank you for your positive comments about your hair loss and the fact that you can now embrace it at go commando at home, although I have sorted out wig I am still struggling with the fact of me dealing with the baldness. You mentioned being traumatised by losing your hair but the fact you are now dealing with it gives me hope too.

lottie63 Hope you are feeling ok at the moment and having a few good days since your chemo. I feel I am moving into that period of feeling ok, but the date for the 2nd session is looming, trying to forget it for a couple of days I am due on the 16th and are you due on the 18th?

Thinking of you all Marian x

Hi Loubelle
Today is the first day I have felt me since chemo its day 8 and no Nausea yipeee !! Took dog out done some housework and went to daughters house 4 tea so a good day, My next chemo is 18th April , Deep joy I cant wait NOT ! I just look on it as at least it will be another one marked off.

My hair dosent seem to belong to me, Psychilogical ? i dont know but it feels weird, im sooo dreading it falling out, once it gets to bad im gonna take control and shave it at least I say when it all goes then,

How are you feeling now, how were your SE’s they seem to vary so much from person to person ,

Take care

Hugs Janice x


Results of margin were clear so very relieved. Now waiting for CT and bone scan before I meet with oncologist on 16th April. Looks like 6 months of chemo followed by radiotherapy…one thing after another but just have to get my head round it and stay positive. I have been told that a cold cap might work for the first 3 months of treatment but that it will definitely fall out in the final 3 months so I am taking strength from Lindyloo and hope to have the courage to accept the inevitable when the time comes.

Going away for a few days over Easter so hope to forget about things for a while.

Thinking of you all.
Alyson x

Hi Aly
Good news on margins, Have a nice break, blow the cobwebs away and forget all about bc for as long as possible, eat lots of choccie over easter and just have fun, its deserved

Love to all have a good easter and make sure you over indulge :slight_smile:

Janice xx