anyone starting chemo april??

Hi all


Im due to start chemo in april, I have started a thread on the( going through treatment section). Please feel free to add, think we could follow in the footsteps of the other threads which seem to have been a great support for others who have been through this journey. I’ve also found it helpful to read some of the posts and tips on getting through chemo xxxx

Hope it all goes well. I start my Radiotherapy in April. Do I start a thread or just add on to the Feb reads. I am pretty new to all this.
Take Care
Angie. X

Hi I’m Angie and are seeing the Oncologist on 1st April, guess I will start my chemo then. 3 weeks ago I had a double mastectomy n auxiliary clearance as a lymph node was positive too. All new to miss n I’m very worried!

Hi ladies


I am worried as well mummycrow but just want to crack on now, we can help each other through the hardtimes. Since my full results have been given too me, I have accepted it a bit more,now I know what i am dealing with, does that make sense?? Have you your results from the clearance ??


Is that Lymphedema you have in your arm EAM 28? Hope all goes well with your appointment with fertility specialist


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Louise xxxx

Had a 10 cm cancer in right breast n one node positive, her2 positive? Just want this out of my system! Have 2 young teenage daughters who are amazing but do not want them worrying about me, my hubby has been great though. X

It’s all something we have to deal with, stay strong n know it will make us better people in the long run, there are people worse off than us in this world! X



The HER positive just means you will probably have herceptin.  This I believe is administered with chemo, I think it means your treatment may last a bit longer. Im sure that my bcn said it was the wonder drug that use to be a postcode lottery until around 2005 but then became available to everyone.  Bcn said it was around the time Kylie Minogue was being treated as she also used herceptin. If its good enough for Kylie eh !!! Lol xx

Had not thought of that! Be nice if I ended up with Kylies figure too!! He he! Yer they said 8 months chemo, wooly hats for winter then! I’ve got long hair at mo so will be a shock when it goes, I like twiddling with if too so won’t know what to do with no hair? They recommend trying the cold cap? Brrr! At least summer is coming, well we hope. Xx

Im going to try the cold cap mummycrow, ill try anything!! I’ve decided if I dont like it or feel its not working I can stop at anytime. Hope your feeling a bit better today xx

Yer it’s def worth a go. Which hosp are you attending? I’m at Southend General Essex, the breast care nurses have been brill. Hope u coping good with it all xx

Hi, I’ve just joined, wish I found this forum at the beginning, had my first chemo on the 10th April, did my last (for the time being) injection last night …am so relieved! xxxx

Hi Booklovertoo

Welcome to the BCC forums, along with the support here our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 on 0808 800 6000
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Hi ladies


Just noticed the replies on here, why dont you pop over to chemo threads, april 14. Feeling very rough today day 3 of tac, but keep reminding myself of the job its doing xxxx


Ps mummycrow, how are you…my treatment is at Doncaster xx

Hi, sorry been in West Country on break before chemo starts, ok thanks but starting to notice how awkward I feel without both boobs? Met up with good friends/neighbours tonight and felt very conscious. R u ok? X