Anyone starting chemo on 19th August and wants a buddy?

I’m 38 business owner and teacher.  I am cancer free but will be starting 6 rounds of TAC on Friday. 

Hi Nina, chemo is a daunting prospect, but once it starts you just grit your teeth and somehow get through it. There is an August thread going which you may want to Jon as you will find a huge amount of support there. I started chemo in January and the January thread was invaluable in helping me get through.
I’m now 14 weeks post chemo and feel completely well. It all seems like a bad dream now!
Good luck with everything

Hi Ninarees,


Totally agree with Claire, it is daunting but you will get there.  It’s especially helpful to tap into the monthly thread as she suggested.  You’ll find it here:


B x

Ahhh thanks Claire, I will have a look. I’m finding this site hard to navigate. Is there a Facebook group that’s easier?