Anyone tried acupuncture for hot flushes?


I’m on Tamoxifen and the worst side effect has been the intensification of hot flushes. I’ve been menopausal for approximately 4 years but since using Tamoxifen it’s been unbearable. I’ll be switching to Arimidex in about 18 months.

The Marsden have offered me acupuncture - who knows if it will work. Anyone tried this and how was it?


I have acupuncture at the Royal Homeopathic Hospital for hot flushes (am on Tamoxifen and Zoladex). Whilst I still get flushes, I feel that acupuncture has helped a lot (in a way that little white pills, sage tablets and evening primrose oil didn’t). It wasn’t overnight but after three sessions I just felt a great deal better - cognitively, higher energy levels and less in the way of hot flushes.

Thanks for that Poddle. I’ve tried Evening Primrose Oil and Starflower Oil, neither of which have worked so feel encouraged by your comments. I hope that after a few sessions I gain some benefits from this which might enable me to feel a bit more positive about Tamoxifen.


Hi Gillian

I had acupuncture for hot flushes caused by the chemo treatment. It worked really well. The flushes got worse since I started on Tamoxifen so I have just had a top up session.


Thanks for that Lynn. I guess the acupuncturist will give advice about how many or how often etc - I just hope it works. Thanks for your comments and good luck with yours!