Anyone tried Triple M chemotherapy?

Hello everyone
Have previously had FEC, Taxotere, 5FU and Navelbine and am now starting Triple M which doesn’t seem very common. Wondered if anyone else has had this treatment and how they got on with it?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Carol,

I am assuming the tripleM is methotrexate, mitomycin & mitozantrone. It was one you rarely hear about these days. I was on this back in 1990 when I was originally diagnosed. My dx was a large 5cm tumour IDC,
er/pr neg. Triple neg wasn’t known about then & it was some years later that they concluded I had been her2 pos all the time.

There was little information back then, no internet as we know it today so I didn’t really know what to expect. I have since had ECF epirubicin, carboplatin & 5FU (different to one in common use today - FEC), taxotere, xeloda, navelbine and currently on herceptin & pamidronate. So like you I have a lot of experience of chemotherapy. But MMM was fantastic for me - the only side effect was loss of sense of taste. Everything tasted metallic. Life went on as normal for me and I never felt unwell at any time. I do hope it works for you that way. I don’t know if they use this combi at the same strength today. I had 5 clear years on that without recurrence.


Hi Girls,

Dawn that sounded great for you…
I hope that you, Carol, get a really good result as well.

Please keep us up to date with how your getting on

Best wishes


Morning Dawn
Thanks for your reply. Couldn’t believe it when I read how far you’d come, and I’m so pleased to hear you’re doing so well. It gives me more confidence too, though I have a lot of questions I’m afraid so I hope you don’t mind.
I’m 55 and was diagnosed with BC in Sept 06 when I had FEC and Herceptin which I still have, (I’m hormone negative as you are). Then in Nov 07 was diagnosed with extensive liver secondaries to both sides - largest tumour 7cm. I went onto Taxatere in Jan 08 which reduced it all by 75% which was brilliant but unfortunately within 3 months they were all back to their original state!! I started a combination of 5FU and Navelbine in Nov 08 but it wasn’t effective at all so it was stopped in Mar 09 and further CT scans showed I was worse off than ever - all tumours had grown with the largest now over 10cm and two new tumours had also appeared over 3cm each!!! I’m devastated. Your email has really helped though, thank you.
I started Triple M on Monday this week but after the lack of effectiveness of the last lot of chemo am finding it difficult to get my head round it all and have so many doubts that I’ve never had before and get very down which I’ve also not been before I’ve just accepted the situation and got on with it!

So one of my questions to you Dawn is how do you cope with going from chemo to chemo so many times? Have you had any other breaks apart from the 5 years? Was your Triple M for primary or did you have secondaries as well? Where are your secondaries?

I hope you don’t mind the questions and please ignore them if you do, but I haven’t heard of people surviving so long but also going through so much chemo. It gives optimism.

Hope you’re doing well on your treatment now (which is another I haven’t heard of). How long is it going to last this time?

Luv Carol xxxx

Hello Tess
Thanks for your reply and support. Wasn’t Dawn’s email brilliant, I think it fills you with optimism.
Started Triple M on Monday so will keep you posted, fingers crossed.
Hope things are all OK with you.
Take care.

Hi Carol,

I am so glad that you found encouragement from my post. I think you are another one who has really been through tough times. You ask me how I cope going from chemo to chemo! What you have been through sounds tougher to me than what I have had. You seem to have almost as much treatment condensed into a much shorter period than mine. It’s hard to say how I have coped - you just do. When I look back now I know some of the times were hard and I wanted to give up but I think there is that spark in most of us that wants to live and get as much out of that living as is possible. I never imagined when I was going through various treatments that I would live this long. 5 years was my best break and back all those years ago once I had survived the first year I dared to hope for more, as I said the internet and forums such as this weren’t around and little information was available. I continued to have very regular appointments at the Marsden and was just approaching the time when they would put me onto annual visits - but it just didn’t happen. the triple M was for my first primary. So my 2nd occurrence was in 1996, then recurrence in 1997, then new tumour (primary) in 1999. In 2000 I started getting a lot of lymph node involvement in my neck, collarbone and chest and finally dx with extensive 2ndaries to my bones (head, collar bone, ribs, all of spine, pelvis & hips) so have been on pamidronate (bisphosphonate for bones) and herceptin. This past year has been one of the most difficult as some of the damage to my lower spine is causing a lot of nerve pain. I know many would say if you are going to have 2ndaries then bones is the best one! as if we had a choice. Trouble is with bone secs even one small area can cause a lot of pain and that is what is so hard to control.

If it helps to ask questions carol then feel free, either here or through the pm system.


Hi Carol

Yes there are some good survival stories around.

I’ve also had quite a lot of chemotherapy though interestingly not MMM. I have a regional recurrence in my neck, shoulder and chest wall…I think probably pretty similar to Dawn’s in 2000…I don’t though have bone mets (as far as I know.)

For primary bc (diagnosed Oct 2003) I had ACx6, and taxotere x4. In the past two years I’ve done 6 vinorelbine and xeloda, 3X xeloda;6X gemzar and carboplatin; 8 weekly taxol and 4 and a half more vinorelbine. My cancer continues to grow regionally causing pain but as yet still question marks over elsewhere (some dodgy stomach nodes, query on lungs-may be radiotherapy damage or not)

I’ve now run out of standard treatment options and for the time being I am not going for a Phase 1 trial, though I might later. As my cancer is triple negative there has been no herceptin to ‘save’ me. I am pretty philosphical about it all. Most people run out of life before they run out of treatments…I’m doing the opposite…runnning out of treatments before I’ve run out of life…its a strange place to be in. I find chemo hard and don’t ever want to do it again even if that means a bit of time shaved off my life.

very best wishes to you.