Anyone used manuka honey on newly healed wounds?

Im two weeks post mx and DIEP flap, although my wounds have closed well, I’ve got some sore pink patches on my long seam, my new boob is hot and pink underneath, and my underarm area is sore and swollen. I’ve been taking antibiotics for a week but I’m so fed up with the soreness I’m thinking of using manuka honey on dressings at least on my unbroken but pink skin. Anyone have experience of this?

i used manuka honey on a scar that wouldnt heal. Im not 100% sure it worked because i actually had an infection and absolutely nothing would have healed it because i eneded up losing my implant. I had my implant put back in 3 weeks ago and i have used the manuka again this time and its healing nicely
good luck and i hope it works for you!!!


I used Manuka on my post rads weeping and sore burns. It was amazing and healed everything really rapidly when nothing else worked!


The wound nurses used manuka honey dressings where my scars weren’t healing well and were still open. They really helped the healing process and made it more comfortable as well. I also enjoyed the slight smell of honey that was emitted once the dressings warmed up against my skin!

Thanks ladies for responding, I think I’m going to give it a try on a couple of places and see now they go. Xxx

Best of luck. The nurses where I work absolutely swear by it. I’d surely use it if I needed to aid wound healing. Not cheap though :frowning:

I was paranoid about getting a hospital-special infection after my mastectomy, and so I rotated three different shower gels during healing, one had betadine, one had chlorhexidine, the third had manuka honey and it all healed really well. Totally scarred on to the chest wall due to radiotherapy, but at least I got no infection. And yes the smell was lovely. Hoping it goes well for you.
The cream with aloe vera gel was a great help during rads too.