Anyone using TAC Chemotherapy?


Will be starting the above soon. Anyone else on the same chemo?

Like to share thoughts

Dotty2 xx

Is that Taxotere and Carboplatin?

I was on it last year so any questions ask away?



No it’s


All I know is it’s one of the strongest chemos around. It’s a pretty scary world at the moment.

Thanks anyway.

Dotty2 x

hi dotty2,
i finished tac a few months ago, yes it is a realy strong one, but i found it wasnt too bad for me, felt sick by about day 3/4 and tired, a bit like when you know your coming down with something, you cant quiet get comfy and you feel a bit iffy, but by day 7 was back to normal. my advise would be drink plenty fluids(constipation was bad)
and eat small bits, it helps with the sickness, as weird as that sounds.
Good luck

Somerset Lady,

How are you feeling now? Did you have lymph involvement prior to the TAC?

Love Dotty2

Hi, I finished TAC chemo last year, yes it was hard going but I preferred having all 3 together than split into two lots, I wanted to get it over with. Lots of practical chemo advice on here (tips during chemo) which is worth it’s weight in gold, any specifics you need to know feel free to ask, I was told my Onc they don’t give all 3 together unless they think you’re strong enough, Di x

PS Docetaxol is also known as Taxotere which is given on its own sometimes so worth reading up on that if you want more info too, there are a few threads on that. x

Hi Dottie
I was diagnosed with Grade 2 Lobular Breast Cancer with lymph nodes also showing cancerous cells. Had mastectomy and full node clearance in April 08 followed by 6 x TAC chemo sessions.
I did not find the chemo to be as bad as I expected. Was never sick and ate really well. My mouth was very sore at the corners and I had a bland taste in my mouth. My eyes and nose were always running which was a nuisance to say the least.
Lost my hair before second chemo as cold cap was not available at my hospital.
I had an injection in my tummy which was administered by the district nurse 24 hours after chemo which aids white cell recovery.
Used to have grapefruit segments every morning which helped and also was very fond of strawberry milk shake.
I went on to have radiotherapy after chemo and am now on Arimidex for 5 years.
Had a breast reconstruction 10 weeks ago and am feeling fine. Had to have a full body CT scan prior to recon and it came back clear.
The TAC chemo although severe has obviously done its job so take heart.
Best of luck. Let me know if you want any further info.
Sue xxxx

Hi, I am doing four docetaxel&cyclophosphamide after two fec. Main se so far bone and muscle pains, low neutrophils. Hope all goes well for you!

Thanks Everyone,

Just so scared as I understand it’s the strongest one around, but will cope with it as I am determined to beat this b****y thing!

Love Chris xx

hi chris,
i had senitel node with cancer, but all the other 14 they took were fine, i am stage 3 triple negative.

Hi Chris,
I had my first TAC 17 days ago and have the second on Friday. My oncologist told my GP that it is a strong one. I got all the side effects going- my chemo nurse said the worst thing would be the tiredness, I felt she underplayed it a bit and that wasnt really helpful. I found that even with the medication I did feel really sick. It is true that everyone reacts differently and lots of people are fine- I just wish I had been a bit better prepared- If I’d known I’d be useless for a week I’d have made more arrangements to have the children looked after and done some cooking in advance. It probably wont happen to you but its good to be prepared.
The best thing I can tell you is that I had mine on friday and I did feel quite alot better by Tuesday- with hindsight thats not that long!
My main advice would be if you feel more unwell than you think you should, get your GP involved sooner rather than later. I waited until Thursday and when I went she put me back on steroids and gave me a huge pile of medication which really sorted out lots of my symptoms.
I’m going to the hospital tomorrow for a blood test and I’m going to see if they’ll do something different this time. So I’ll report back.
Remember it does go away! I’ve had a brilliant week of feeling better- I am absolutely shattered but its so great not to feel unwell I cant stop smiling- I Went to work for a couple of days last week and spent sunday on the beach with the kids, theres plenty of ‘good’ time too.
Let us know how you get on.

i dotty ive just had my first taxatorie after a session of 4 a/c ive been ok not sure what 2 expect have 2 go in opened minded as everybody is different im sure you will b fine take care elaine

Hi dotty,
I’m having 6 TAC,I’ve had 5 and just one more to go.I had grade 3 tumour,and 2 lymph nodes affected.
I had number 5 on wednesday and just starting to feel better today.I found it has had an accumulative affect.It takes slightly longer to recover after each one.For me the worse thing has been the nausea,and for last 2 cycles I’ve used a machine for sickness,which is attached under my skin for a few days,which has worked(but can be a bit sore).I also get a sore mouth,with a horrible taste in my mouth,and constipation for a few days.I get very tired,and as I have a 3 yr old and 5 yr old,I need help for my first week.
For me my pattern seems to be in bed for first week,a sore mouth and a bit tired for second week,then pretty much back to normal for last week.Everyone is different,and another lady my age(35),having same chemo in the unit has been fine ,(very little nausea,and able to function throughout).Good luck with your treatment.I find it reassurring that TAC is so strong,to blast those cancer cells.