Anyone want to be my chemo buddy? Start may 9th


Sure you can. Welcome. All in it together xx

Hi tracy & flower, lovely to meet you both. It’s nice to know there are others feeling the same & facing the same challenge. Looking forward to getting to know you both & support you along the way xx

Hi Tracy,




Isabelle xx

Hi everyone, from the January thread - just taken my steroids ready for my last dose of chemo tomorrow and have started in my first bottle of water of the day - big tip, try to drink 2L of water the day before, day of and day after chemo and then as much as you can manage after that! I have just copied this from the other May thread as I see there is 2, so apologies to those of you who read both!
I’ve been on FEC-T and I’m in the minority because I actually preferred the T part to the FEC!! I’m just not good with feeling sick and dizzy but can tolerate pain (well up to a point!)
For FEC I was given Emend to take the morning of chemo and 2 days after (I think it was a further 2 days) and 2 other antisickness meds, one of which was a steroid. I had no actual sickness, just felt dizzy and hungover. I had another antisickness tablet to take if needed, but never did. I generally pottered around the house doing not much in particular for the first few days but stayed in bed or on the sofa if I really didn’t feel up to it. After 7 days I felt much better but as your immune system is at its lowest then, I generally stayed in but had a few days or evenings out with friends as long as I avoided anyone who wasn’t well!! By day 14 I felt I could function normally and by the end of that week seemed to concentrate getting the house clean and tidy, washing and ironing up to date and filling the freezer with chilli, Bolegnese sauces and shepherds pie bases to make life easier when I wasn’t up to cooking.
My cupboards are full of snacks - nuts, cereal bars, ritz crackers, biscuits etc - anything I think I will fancy eating at short notice with minimum effort! At night I have a snack box with ritz crackers in it!! Healthy eating is best, but honestly sometimes you just have to eat cr@p to satisfy your cravings and get through it!! I’ll get back to healthy eating again in a few weeks time when it’s all over!
Loads of good luck to you all - you CAN do this! It is scary to think about but once you’ve started you do deal with it and you do have days when you feel human again! Drop into the other threads for advise (or a good rant!) I imagine our Jan thread will be quieter than usual as we are finishing and going into radiotherapy etc, but we are a friendly bunch and will definitely be happy to give you our words of wisdom!!
Kim xxx

Hi Kim, thank you for dropping by to give us newbies some helpful tips. I will also be on FEC-T so it was very interesting to read of your personal experience.
Hi Mary & Isabelle. Look forward to getting to know you both over the coming months. Xx

Good advice Kim thanks. Lou x

We are all scared but take all the tips you can from this forum. It makes you feel more prepared. I don’t know what is coming for me with 6 x TAC but I am going to try and do my best with it. This time next week I will be on part 2 and getting on with it will be better than sitting around fearing it for me. I will have to find (again) my inner warrior. It is like some cr##py endurance test and largely an isolating experience. Olivia Newton John talked about how she imagined a river of gold going into her with chemo! Not sure I will manage that. x

I am seeing my oncologist for the 1st time on Thursday i will ask about any trials…i work in pharmacy and many years ago when i worked in chemo the herceptin was just a trial and now look at it…i never would have thought i would end up having it…?

From what I can gather having ovaries removed produces harsher immadiate menopause with more risk of osteoporosis, but I will ge asking this question myself as 100% ER. 

Plan for me is tamoxifen for 10 years and “likely lifelong.”

Chemo is to treat whole body with chemical flush and radiotherapy is localised to kill any cells that may remain in chest…

I think that your having chemotherapy because if you had just one of the 3 things you mentioned they’d recommend it. Radiotherapy does a different job from what I understand - zaps the area to reduce reoccurrence to the operation area. I’m sure if I’m wrong someone will explain! I am ER+ so having hormone treatment as well.

Took me so long to write that I didn’t notice Flowers post! Yes and to zap any stray cells too :slight_smile:

Haha! After this many months of chemotherapy my attention span is shot to pieces, so my posts are rambling and take for ever to write!
Ask away! No question is daft!!

Tina - having last one today assuming my bloods are OK!!! Had first one 18 Jan.
My top tip is drink 2L of water the day before, day of and day after chemo then as much as you possibly can while you’re having side effects.
Take it easy when you’re feeling cr&ppy - physically and mentally. Don’t expect too much of yourself - stopping in bed or on the sofa for a couple of days is fine.
Always ring your chemo 24hr helpline for advice when you’re worried about symptoms you’re having - that’s what they’re there for, I did it a couple of times.
Buy a thermometer as you’ll need to check your temperature regularly - I was recommended the Braun ear one which I got from Amazon
Keep a diary of any side effects you’re having each day so you can anticipate them the next cycle and also tell your chemo nurse and/or oncologist exactly how you’ve been.
Don’t suffer the side effects unnecessarily - there’s usually something they can prescribe to ease your symptoms and on occasions they can reduce your dose if they think that’s the problem (don’t worry about this - they know what they’re doing!)
And last of all - you will have good weeks throughout, plan things to look forward to no matter how small.
You CAN do this, you DO get to the light at the end of the tunnel!
Lots of love xxx

Hello chemo buddies! 

Well I have returned from having a look at wigs. I was adament until a few days ago re hats as didn’t like the idea, but decided to have a look. Imagined it would be upsetting etc, but actually tried on 2 and the 2 nd one was great…exactly the same colour as mine which is long but stylish bob… Not wiggy at all. So much happier re this side of things. Will have a pixie crop at weekend and then wear it from that point so looks like I have had a hair cut. Just thought I would let you know not half as bad as I imagined…x

I’ve just got bad from having my long ginger hair all chopped off and i have to say at first i felt like crying but now i think i prefer it ? my husband is glad as he always used to moan at it wrapped around the plug hole

Well done Flower & Wosteart for taking the plunge. I’ve done nothing with my hair yet as i’m cold capping but i know i’ll need a wig on the next couple of weeks. Where did you get yours from Flower?
Geraldine x

From Browns wigs. They fit you privately, and will cut your own hair privately. It really was ok experience x

The NHS do not produce wigs. They have local contracts with specialist wig makers. They give you a prescription voucher which would cover lower end of market or short wig, but you top up with own money to get what you want. NHS gives about £105 towards.