Anyone who had Mastectomy?

Hi ladies

I had my mastectomy 1st Feb this year and full axillary clearance. I now have the famous"dogs ear " under that arm but I do still feel tender to touch around the rib area on that side just below the end of the scar. My BC nurse said this was normal to still feel this way but of course worry guts here would like to know if anyone else still have “tenderness”. I think its down to the clearance more than mastectomy…

Can anyone remember if they had similar?

Many Thanks

P xxxx

I still have some tenderness under my arm where I had my ANC in March 06 and also had mast and recon in July 06.
Don’t really notice it now just when I get dried and rub too hard with the towel.

hi i too have a dog ear under my arm and its still quite tender ,its where the nerves have been cut and i also had lymphnodes removed so hence i have now got lymphodemia . it should ease off eventually .have a word with your breast nurse and see what she says .as its not so long sice your op its probably stilll very inflamed and should settle down . take care lynn x

HI Paula

As you know I had my op beginning of May but I actually dont have any pain really at all. Under my arm directly is numb which is a good thing seeing as I keep have to have it drained off. Its my arm that gets on my nerves it is just sore all the time, but other than that thats all really. Should get my results and what happens next Thursday week. Its been a bit of a wait really.

Hope everything is ok with you speak soon

Debs x

hi paula43
you did,nt say wether you had chemo after your mastectomy…my bcn told me that i wouldn,t start to feel
less achey after my mastectomy until my chemo had finished …and she was right it does settle down…

Hi all

I am half way through chemo…my bc nurse said it was normal I guess in my head I just expect it all to be dandy done by now. It is just below end of scar and around that area beneath it. i.e rib area but not far down just directly there plus it seems to get more tender when I have chemo.

just think what your body is going through ,not only is it trying to fight the evil bc but its also trying to heal its self whilst being poisend in the prosses !!!so cut your self a bit of slack and take it day by day…it will catch up with its self ,if your kind to yourself…and don,t over do things…

ok dynamtie will do…sorry not good at feeling like pooh…but then none of us are eh…!!

hey no apology necessary !just remember its all about you …and if theres one time in your life to be selfish nows the time …LOOK AFTER YOURSELF …you will get through this … good luck with rest of your chemo…

Thanks…Yes halfway through so by beginning of August I will be done with that then onto rads…

Good luck to you too.

P x

i,m further along just recovering from delayed reonstruction . 5 days ago little bit sore … but hello new boobie !!! and on the plus side had a lift on the other boob… just need a face lift now and well away !!!

Hi Paula

It’s so hard when things don’t settle down quickly as we would normally expect and inevitably the fear creeps in. I’m pleased you’ve asked people here so that you can gauge the responses. You said something in one of your posts about being more tender after chemo … BINGO! Me too! After the first Epi I was fearful of my infection returning in my breast and seriously watched myself for a few days. It then died down. After each Epi the same thing happened which made me realise this was the Epi reacting with something that will take time to settle completely.

It’s so horrible having to be so vigilant when normally we would have ignored much of the stuff going on in our bodies! Argh!!!

Take care

Gill xx

Great news Dynamite on your new boobie…you take it easy then as its still early for you.

Gill…you hit the nail on the head with regards to being so vigilant. I was so confident in my health and my body. I remember saying how lucky I was as I never got anything!! Write note…must remember to keep my mouth shut !!!I did mention this to Helen but she didn’t seem to think it was linked.Anyway I know it was as it always felt bigger a couple of days after the Epi.

You take care Gill

P x

Hi Paula

Yes, like you I was also confident. I rarely had anything wrong with me and knew how my body would react to things. And that’s the difficulty … our bodies have changed and we now don’t know them in the same way we did. What I’m sure about though is that we’ll get to know what’s what as time goes on … I can’t believe we’ll be so freaked in the future. I’m having to really listen carefully to my body at the moment though so I can make sense of what it’s telling me.

I mentioned my breast’s response to Helen too … she listened but I didn’t think she thought it related. I suggested to her that for whatever reason, my breast seems to take the brunt of how my body feels these days. Gawd knows though … I just know it’s how things felt!

Take care - and relax!

Gill xx

Hi paula
My dog ears seems quite fat and in the road and my rib case is a bit lumpy and painful but did put this down to jsut scar tissue, fingers crossed, but we shoudl check out,. my chest wall delved in a bit and have a flabby bit of flesh too!!! hope your chemo going okay, commencement for me tomorrow.
Good luck

Hiya, just thought I’d add that I’m almost 6 months post surgery (mastectomy, level I & II ANC and immediate reconstruction) and am still feeling sore/tender/swollen/numb under my arm. I too believe I have what is referred to as a “dogs ear” at the end of my scar, but from what I understand, the surgeon will use this excess flesh to re-create my nipple when I’ve finished chemo. I’ve just finished epirubicin but on each occasion for about a week or so afterwards my left hand side of my body appears to tense up - and it becomes really painful to do the recommended exercises. I’ve accepted that this is inevitable while on chemo (CMF for 4 months next) but am definitely hoping that it will all ease up a little in time - indeed, when my chemo was delayed for a week recently my arm/chest/back felt dramatically better.

All the best, Naz, x

Thanks Naz

I know my bc nurse said about them using the dogs ear if I have recon. I don’t have pain as such just tenderness, maybe having the chemo hasn’t helped in that sense. I am off to see Onc tomorrow so will ask him…!!I am having accelerated chemo so ever 2 weeks I have had Epi and now I am about to start tablets.

Good luck Naz hope yours eases up too.

All the best

P xxx

I had my op April 4th I had no pains and celebrated too soon. My chest is sore and my hand is not great either. I’m just relieved to know I’m not alone because I’ve been worried that the swelling under my arm is still there. It’s a discomfort.


Just thought I’d apologise, Paula - its just occurred to me that we’ve had this conversation before on another thread (Swelling) but I just didn’t recall it - I’m obviously finding it difficult just keeping up with myself let alone other people too. Are you on the TACT2 trial, arm 4, possibly? Its such a relief to have got the epi out the way and while I’ll still be having IV chemo for the next regime I’m looking at it all now as if I’m on the homestretch! I hope the tabs are bearable.

Peace, it is always reassuring to know that we’re not alone, isn’t it. I was so disturbed to find that the swelling under my arm was not dispersing that I made an impromptu visit to the BC nurse. She reassured me that it was normal - and then of course I saw various posts on the forum all referring to the same concern, which is as you say a real relief!

All the best to you all wherever you are in your treatment.

Naz, x