Anyone with drains removed recently???

Hello All,

I had a mastectomy 2 weeks ago with axillary clearance and my drain “accidently” came out on Saturday. Prior to this I was extracting between 100-150 mls per day. As you can imagine this has now completely stopped and I feel like I’m growing a new boob underneath my arm. I seen my surgeon yesterday and he advised me that this is perfectly normal and he will only clear it if it gets worse.

Anyone else experienced something similar recently??


Hi, I had chemo then lumpectomy and a full clearance, I have been getting lots of swelling under arm and on my back, its called a seroma, it is very normal with full clearence, I have been having it drained twice a week for a few weeks, but lots of surgeons prefer to leave alone for body to absorb fluid if poss, mine got huge and uncomfortable, then I got an infection in where it was drained and have had to go in to have another minor op to clear it out again.

This time not filling up at all so I hope it will be ok now,apparently this is very unusual so, good luck with yours and I hope your on body will sort it out. It is not painful having it drained so dont worrry if you have to have this done a few times.

My friend had hers drained twice and then had no more probs. I want mine to hurry up and heal then I can get on to my radiotherapy.
Good Luck
Take care
Dawn X


I two had mastectomy just over two weeks ago and I too have a seroma I have now had it drained 3 times and will probably have to go again on friday as it has started to come up again and it gets uncomfortable where I can’t put my arm down properly. Is not painful as such just very annoying just a bloody great lump under my arm. But as Dawn says its not painful to have it drained off and you definatly sleep better once it is drained.

Debs x

Thanks so much for your advice. My mind is much at rest now. Meeting my onc tomorrow so will mention it to him then.


I came out of hospital on monday after having my second mastectomy (had 1st one in cancer boob last July-now had second one as carry the gene) The drain was also removed on Monday and I have a seroma in my back. I also suffered from this last year and it went on its own. Unless this one gets huge or uncomfortable (which I am keeping my fingers crossed not) I will leave it alone as the body will absorb it eventually- am seeing the surgeon on friday so will also point it out to him then.