Anyone with joint or muscle pain whilst taking tamoxifen

Interesting. thank you Revcat.

I was very interested to hear that Oestrogen is connected to anti-inflamatory action in the body because although I didn’t have any problems with Tamoxifen I am sure having problems now I am on Letrozole, now on year 4 of 5.
About 5 weeks ago I started getting what I call muscle spasms in my back, went to GP, put on dizapam and painkillers, worked okay, had a week off work. Then 2 weeks ago had another episode and the only think that really helped was walking so every morning I went for a walk before I went to work.
I am on holiday this week and started doing a bit round the house and suddenly I start getting spasms, tried to walk it off, didn’t really work, had very little sleep last night worrying about having more spasms if I moved in bed. Luckily I have managed to get an appt this afternoon to see GP and am seeing Onc tomorrow for annual checkup.
If it is due to lack of Oestrogen which shows the drug is working its not going to go away soon.

Thanks for the link, Revcat. Has anyone been able to get Nolvadex recently? I thought I saw something a while back that it was no longer manufactured.
Moya xx

Hi Moya, that’s correct - it is no longer possible to procure Nolvadex, at least in the UK; only the various generic versions are available.

Just happened to see this post. I know it is probably not much help to most people, but in terms of obtaining Nolvadex, you can get the oroginal from overseas. I had horrendous side effects with the generic ones and whilst searching online (yes, I know you shouldn’t) I came across a Swiss company where you can order through. It is the original Nolvadex manufactured in Cheshire by ICI Zenica (or whatever they call themselves these days). It isn’t cheap at 60 per month but for me it is worth it. BUT I am in a fortunate position that I can afford it - its ridiculous that it isn’t available in the UK anymore.

Hello Everybody,

Is it possible for the cancer to go away with Tamoxifen and Zoladex alone.  My wife has been on Tamoxifen and Zoladex for the past 6 months and the cancer has decreased 30 percent. But, the doctor insist that she will have to go through masectomy as she has two lumps in the breat. My wife just doesnt want to go through surgery. She is 36 years, I also wanted to know what are the chances of her to get pregnant after she get off Tamoxifen and Zoladex.

Thank you in advance.

I am  45 year old BRCA negative patient who just went through a lumpectomy and 6 weeks of radiation.  My cancer was est and pro positive and I started taking tamoxifen 7 weeks ago and feel awful.  On top of that I have CFS and Fibro and had to go off of cymbalta.  My current symptoms are extreme fatigue and weakness especially on my right side.  I thought it was being off of the cymbalta that was causing my decline  but now I’m not so sure.  I am having a complete hysterectomy at the end of this month.  I am going to go off of the tamoxifen for a week and see if the fatigue and weakness subsides some.  Any other recommendations?  I’m not sure what else to do.  I am a pediatric PT and find it really difficult to treat and work with the way I feel.  My cancer had micro mets and no chemo was needed.  I am also on a plant based diet.  Please help.  

I’ve been on tamoxifen for just over 12 months with no problems until the last month and now I am getting a really stiff back in the morning, feeling it as soon as I leave my bed. Walking and stretching exercise does help it but now that it’s getting worse I am taking a muscle relaxant in the form of magnesium phosphate and that is really relieving the stiffness and the pain. I hope this might be helpful to some other sufferers. I was interested to learn about The generic difference with tamoxifen. Rhonda

My Australian brochure on side effects 4 tamoxifen list joint and muscle pain. I am now experiencing the muscle pain mostly in my lower back but also upper arms and other areas after 12 months on a generic brand of tamoxifen. I’m taking a muscle relaxant (magnesium phosphate) which is relieving the problem quite well after about 11/2 hrs

I know I may be late, but I have been on Tamoxifen for a couple of moths now and ive already began to feel the side effects of it (joint pain/stiffness in my knees and muscle soreness) ;however, the medicine is meant to block the hormone activity that caused the tumors to develop and grow…it WONT remive the cancer. She needs to follow her surgeons recommendations and have thw surgwry to removw the cancerous cells. I had two tumors jn one brwast and elected to remove both breast.

Oh, yes indeed. Screw this stuff!


I was on Exemestane prior to this, which damaged my thoracic bone marrow within 3 months of taking it according to a recent MRI. I have 4 degenerative discs there and was soon literally incapacitated by bone pain. I threw the rest out and felt great within 2 weeks.

I agreed to try Tamoxifen but only one month in, I am getting spasms again in my thoracic spine, as well as a return of the bad pain at the base of my spine, radiating up to my waist. I see the oncologist on Monday. If there is any benefit to trying a month on and a month off I willl give it a shot, but otherwise, it goes in the garbage with the other drug.


I have been in pain from my spine for 25 years( I’m 63), am now on pain management, which helps a lot, but no way am I going to tolerate any more pain than I am usually in. I would rather feel well and not live as long, than feel like I am dying every single day and live a long time.


I also quit chemotherapy due to severe side effects. I did do radiation, but

hi aosteam,
Please do be aware that surgery is one of the most effective ways to treat bc, yes, its scary - we’ve all been there, but when it comes down to it, the bc needs to be removed to get the best outcome.
There is no evidence that alternative treatments can do the job of conventional treatment & there is a lot of ‘woo’ out there. Obviously, some alternative treatments are fine to use with conventional treatment & if it makes you feel better then great, but do take advice from your wife’s team.
take care
ann x