I had an allergic reaction to tax and so was given a different drug but with the tax i had really bad shooting pains in my legs, i have finsihed chemo and am having radiotherapy but i am still experiencing very heavy painful legs with shooting pains - anyone else still experiencing side effects even after chemo finished?

Hi, I also had an allergic reaction to fec&tax and my Chemo was halted. That was July, my legs were really painful still for months after and even now are not back to normal yet. My Chemo nurse said it could last up to 6 months or so!

Thanks Tina at least i know its ‘normal’ and something more to look forward to just when you think its all over!!

I think it comes under the heading of long-term / late side effects, add it to the hot flashes etc etc! So much for being back to “normal”!!! For me hot baths and nurofen helped. Hope it passes soon! X

I have bouts of real joint pain, it affects everything from the balls of my feet, ankles, knees, hips fingers and elbows. I know that it is a side affect of Armidex but at times it is worse. I keep trying to work out if it is something I eat or drink that triggers it. I am careful not to take too many pain killers but the last couple of nights without them would have been hell. its just nice to share this and know that its not that unusual just wish I could find a way to control it.