Anyone with secondaries in the Worcester area?

Hi just wondered if there are any ladies in Worcester area with secondaries ? I am 47 had recurrance to breast, recently had bilateral mastectomy, and have lung met which responded well to taxol.
Currently going through ill health retirement process with NHS.


Hi Sarah

I dont live in Worcester area, am just north of Bristol but I found support from local breast cancer care secondary group - hopefully there may be one near to you. I did used to live in Cheltenham however and still visit occasionally so if this was not too far to visit would be happy to meet upi for a coffee/chat? I am 56 years old and was diagnosed with primary and secondaries to bones in April 2011. I no longer work - decided wanted to use all my energy doing things I wanted! Take care Jackie x

Hi Sarah hope you are still looking at forum. I live near Worcester and I have Bone mets and a few lymphs in chest from triple negatvie BC had two course of FEC and found very trying so changing to tablet form. I was interested to see you had seen off your lung mets. How are you doing?
Luo x