Anything Make Chemo better or more tolerable?

Anything Make Chemo better or more tolerable?

Anything Make Chemo better or more tolerable? Hiya - Does anyone know of any supllements or treatements that make Chemo less traumatic?

That would very much depend on which chemo regime and the side effects that you get. The different chemos cause different side effects, and different people have very different reactions to the drugs. For example, out of 3 of us who started the same chemo on the same day, I had a “medium” reaction which was bearable with the anti-sickness drugs they prescribed, one woman had absolutely no side effects at all and didn’t even take the anti-sickness tablets (lucky her!), but the other had to take sleeping tablets to knock her out for the first few days, as it was the only way to stop her horrendous sickness.

Whatever the regime and effects, though, I’m sure that most people would benefit from some of the complementary therapies that just help relax you and take some of the trauma away. Reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy, meditation, etc. are all great for making you feel better and more energised and you may have access to some of these free through your clinic / hospital / cancer services. Maybe your BC nurse could point you in the right direction or organise a referral for you. If not, the BCC Healthy Living Days are excellent as they give you a taster of a number of different complementary therapies and coping strategies. And if nothing else, it’s always a boost to just pamper yourself!

Let us know exactly what side effects you’re having to deal with and then I’m sure you’ll get lots of posts with really practical advice.

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vitamins C [slow release best] B6 amd B12 are all recommended. Even so check with onc.
Buy a large pot of LIVE yoghurt and put it in fridge. As soon as mouth begins to feel a little bit tender consume yog over next 3 days. Repeat as needed to avoid miserable mouth ulcers plus thrush at other end.
Best wishes for an easy run with your Mum’s chemo, dilly

Yoghurt Re Live yogurt I was explicitly told not to take live yoghurt or unpasteurised cheese as the chance of getting a less than friendly bacteria is too great a risk when our immunity is low and the consequences would be serious.

Love Twinkle xoxo

Twinkle live yog fixed my mouth every time on chemo. Think using standardised supermarket brands is perfectly safe.
Plus I’m on proton pump inhibitors so have to be VERY careful- avoid salads like the plague, and any other tum upset potential grub.
Best wishes, dilly

The answer The answer is to drink a small glass of champagne or cava with a friend/partner when you get home after chemo. It’s the only complementary therapy that I believe works except one.

And that involves someone buying me a Ferrari. Shame I’ve never had the opportunity to try it.

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Fantastic Thank you all.

Sue - I love yours!! For mum thou the Ferrari would be out "Oooo Its goes sooo fast!! (Do me th world of good!) - But the Champers I can do!!

I found drinking a glass of water an hour before chemo, another small one during and another when I got home plus a milk thistle tablet (recommended by BC nurse to help liver function clean up leftovers) helped me cope a lot better.
Also, the steroids for sickness made me feel dizzy and spaced out. I was then put on granisetron instead and felt a whole lot better.
I also found wine tasted HORRIBLE but for some reason champagne, prosecco or cava were fine.
Good luck to everyone on chemo - I’m 6 weeks past mine and now have 2mm long hair, eyebrows and lashes!

bagal if you found Milk Thistle helpful you’d find Alpha Lipoic Acid even better. It was brill for stopping Morphine nausea. ALA is an innocent additive and liver cleaner.
One of BCC posters wrote that her onc had recommended it for Neuropathy which was why I tried it. My N is frightful- didn’t notioce improvement but was pleasantly surprised at no more N.
Bought it online from Agestop, best wishes, dilly

I have had loads of colleagues who have been down the same route and they also advises ALA but to start it before you have any chemo.
In addition my oncologist recommended taking a probiotic, co enzyme q10 and a diet high in vitamins, strangely enough I craved spinach!
I had no major symptoms at all, I don’t know if I was extremely lucky or if the potions helped!

Hi Twinkle

I was told exactly the same about the yoghurt factor


sage tea Hi there

Am currently on my 4 th cycle of 6 on FEC Chemo and have on and off been having hot flushes due to being on Zoladex as well which causes menopausal symptoms. Does anyone know if sage tea reduces hot flushes as this seems to happen evenings and in the morning. Would be grateful to know if this works!

Have a great Bank holiday everyone!

Nice treat I have aromatherapy massages as a treat since I cannot drink alcohol - it makes me sick. They are a bit pricey but hell you got to have some fun.

Even if they do not do any medical good - I just feel so relaxed and happy after it is worth it.

some people say avoid certain oils - but my Onc. reckoned it was OK to go ahead the ammount of chemicals you are going to absorb are very small. I think you have to bath in them neat on a daily basis to do any harm. Fortunately my aromatherapist has worked with other women with breastcancer so has a good idea of what the side effects etc. are.

Love Swanie

I am a reflexologist and had weekly reflexology treatments throughout my chemo. I had very few side effects and those that I did have were mild and short lived. I found that having a treatment the day before my chemo helped and also made me relax too. It si good to switch off for an hour or so.

I then had a treatment about a week to 10 days after the chemo as we found that any sooner caused a strong detox effect and sickness. Everyone is different though.

If you want to try reflexology ask your breast care nurse if she can recomend anyone or go to the Association Of Reflexologists website at to find a qualified practitioner and preferably someone experienced in treating people with cancer. My own reflexologist uses a light touch technique which is ideal as it is very gentle. If you find a reflexologist by other means please make sure they are properly qaulified (all AOR members are).

I also found drinking lots of water a few days before hand and afterwards helped.

Good luck

Lois x