Anywhere near Cambridge/North Herts??

It’s the day before the biopsy results and I know I have breast cancer, tomorrow is all about what the treatment path is. Anyway, would be good to hear from anyone in my area.

unfortunately not near you, I have my biopsy results on Tuesday, will be thinking of you tomorrow. Debs x

Let me know how you get on. I’ll be thinking of you too.


Hi Terrier

I’m in the Cambridge area but have finished my treatment now. I’ll be going to the Wallace Centre next week for one of their ‘after treatment has finished’ sessions.

PM me for any info you may need, part of my treatment was private but all the medics worked at Addenbrookes.

all the best for tomorrow


Hi Terrier, sound like you’re very near me. Just out of Harlow hospital today after a lumpectomy and node dissection. Kept me in for 6 days and only took drain out today before I went home. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be and the hospital staff were very caring.

The hardest part is telling my family. Only told my brother today as he was on honeymoon and I didn’t want to spoil it for him. Other people being upset really upsets me.

The second hardest part is the waiting. Waiting for the op…waiting for results…treatment…and hopefully the all clear.

I could be having radiotherapy at Addenbookes so hope to keep in touch.

All best wishes

Hi Ladies,

I’m between Harlow and Stortford, I’ve just finished my Chemo (last week) at the Rivers and due to start my Radio at Addenbrookes in 2 weeks, I have my planning session this Thursday.

Hey everyone.

I have saved you as contacts. Keep in touch and then we can hook up hopefully, if we are all about at the same time.

It looks like I will be having a lumpectomy on the 24th, I may also need a full boob removal (can’t bring myself to call it by its proper name).

Totally know what you mean abou the telling parents. I am more worried about them!

Ellie x

Hello Ellie,

I’m North Herts. I had my surgery at QEII Welwyn GS and follow ups will be at the Lister in Stevenage. I am now having rads at Mount Vernon. I could have been referred on to Addenbrookes but it would have been a few extra weeks waiting and I was keen to get on.

Eliza xx

We all seem quite near each other, particularly gingery who must only be 3 or 4 miles away.

Interested to hear about your experience in the private health care sector gingery.

The remaining staples out tomorrow…ouch!!

Hi Lulu650

where are you being treated?

Fortunately my private health care came with my job and I never really thought I’d use it to this extent, the one good thing is the speed in which treatment happens, I went for my original appointment 14th Oct 4pm and by 6pm I’d had mammo, needle aspiration and was told I had cancer, I went alone thinking I’d be told to stop wasting their time. Had WLE on 23rd Oct then 1st chemo 11th Nov now rads starting 16th March. My results after the WLE only took 5 days. The other thing is there’s no question over having scans or meds regardless of expense but on the down side I don’t think the care I’ve received is worth the expense (allbeit not out of my pocket). I don’t know what it’s like having chemo elsewhere but it’s quite lonely sitting in a room by yourself with a drip and a tv. I don’t see my onc unless I ask and I don’t hear from the BC nurse.

Hope it goes ok tomorrow for you

Have to say that now the clips are out I can admire the surgeon’s handiwork. Very clean scar with good healing. Trying to build up strength but a 20min walk around the block left me tired. Still, slowly does it.

I’m expecting to be at Addenbrookes for the radiotherapy gingery. No-one has mentioned chemo so far but need to get the op results first.

How are you doing terrier?

Managed to get an appt. for results on the 12th rather than 19th. Fingers crossed they haven’t found anything unexpected.

How is everyone doing?

Hello all,
I am in North Herts, Nr Ware. Diagnosed July 07 ,Surgery QE11, Chemo and now Herceptin at The Lister.
I would love to meet up for coffee and chat.
Wishing you all well, hope we can get together soon.
Rosamund x

Hi, I am new to this discussion, I notice a couple of you are having radiotherapy at Addenbrokes. I have just finished chemotherapy following lumpectomy and will start radio beginning of May. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, for instance, how you felt, could you drive yourself or did you need taking in? Also practical stuff like parking.

Good luck to you all


Hello all,

Well, I had a lumpectomy today at Ely Hospital (It was the only list they could get me in on soonish). Following the fact the lymphs they took Tuesday last week were clear and the other lump was wasn’t c. Feeling o.k, a little spaced, but that’s all. I find out next Thursday at Addenbrookes what is next… radiotherapy, chemo etc etc. So, I might be seeing you Willowbee and Lulu650 abd Wizzbaby! Wish me luck and why don’t you all let me know dates when we can all get together?

I swear by Arnica. x

terrier, so pleased you posted. Looks like your prognosis is good.

At Addenbrookes tomorrow, being measured up!! for the radiotherapy. This is the second time I’ve been there, met with consultant George(?) Wilson who was really nice last week.

Keep in touch all at Addenbrookes!

I too am a great fan of arnica and I’m sure it made quite a difference with both surgery & rads.

Great news, terrier, and good luck for whatever is next. I’m now on tamoxifen and so far it isn’t too bad.

Best wishes to all starting rads in the near future,

Eliza xx

I have used something called “Heal Gel” which contains arnica amongst other things. Also something called “Life Mel” Honey which is specifically designed for chemotherapy and meant to boost the white blood cells, I heard about it from a bc nurse, but its been in the papers,too.Look them up…Touch wood so far I am feeling OK, and very positive. They are not cheap but I think about all the money I have saved on shampoo and haircuts and petrol lately!

Hi willowbee,

I think that the most important rads tip I was given was to start moisturising the area as soon as possible and to make sure you include the whole area. I wouldn’t have gone down far enough if someone hadn’t told me.

I drove myself to and from rads (down A1(M) and round M25 as I went to Mount Vernon) and it was only towards the end that I was getting tired. In fact, it wasn’t until the week after rads that the fatigue really hit. I’m now 3 and a half weeks after finishing and still get very tired.

Don’t know about Addenbrookes, but at Mount Vernon there is a great support centre and it offers complementary therapies and relaxation sessions. I found these really good, especially as I have some difficulty with my shoulder which gave problems at some points during treatment.

Eliza xx

Day 2, post lump removal and feeling better the horrible thing is out of my body. I am off to search on line about the Life Mel honey! Also keen to know of any further tips you girls have on radiotherapy. Looks like I will be sending my husband on a massage course…