Anywhere near Cambridge/North Herts??

Definitely send him on a massage course!

With regard to more rads tips - I’d say make sure you do the post surgery exercises so that you get good movement in your arm & shoulder. I saw a physio just before I left hospital the day after my surgery and he gave me their exercise leaflet and the one from BCC.

Also drink lots of water. The radiotherapists I saw suggested 2 litres a day and from time to time they asked if I was being sure to drink enough. I really did make an effort with this and I think it paid off.

They will draw on you each day you have rads and I found that if I wore a light coloured bra or top, it got marked with the pen (and if I wore a dark coloured one the aqueous cream made a mess of it!). So I used to take Simple wet wipes and remove the pen marks. Different hospitals seem to have different “rules” about washing, swimming etc.

As time went on I found wearing a bra (even a soft sports bra) uncomfortable so I went on to crop tops a size larger than normal and then soft tops which didn’t rub in the fold under my breast. For the waiting around I always had a book and my ipod with me, although quite often there was lively chat in the waiting room!

There is a thread “Starting radio in Feb 09” in the Treatment section and that has some of the tips we gathered and shared as we went along, so you may find that useful.

Can’t think of anything else!

lulu, how did your planning go today?

Eliza xx

Planning was fine and quick! Pen marks all came off over my vest, so very good suggestions about the wet wipes Eliza. Treatment starts in 2/3 weeks.

Anyone at Addenbrookes do go to the wallace centre. I’ve borrowed Susan Love’s breast book and a video on radiotherapy. Picked up some leaflets about free complementary therapies too!

My first consultation was over 2 hours so make sure you pick up a concessionary parking charge ticket from reception, otherwise you pay £6 instead of £3. Also once in daily a concessionary parking ticket will be £3 per week instead of daily.

Lots of good advice there, thank you ladies! I just keep thinking…You know…Had the surgeries, and the chemo , and a clean scan…do I really need to go into radiotherapy so soon? Why not have a nice long break and recuperate and heal, and then go for the burn later, if I must! I am feeling so good right now, don’t want to spoil it…must be the weather, Lovely sunny day…

Hi Everyone in the Addenbrookes area

Sorry I lost track of this thread.

My only tip for radiotherapy, is to take along any cream you want to use to the planning session and they will check the contents list to see if it’s OK. I used aqueas cream until I went red and then aloe vera gel, which really did the trick.

I too was treated privately up to radiotherapy. Gingery you will have BCN just keep pressing your surgeon or onc, they are great and will help if you need anything else e.g prothesis fitting.

I finished all my treatment in May of last year, but am most happy to give any information out if it will help.

all the best


Thanks for all the tips Wizzbaby, I would like to ask how you are feeling after nearly a year since treatment? I am having my planning session next week, same consultant as lulu650, small world. Like Gingery and Wizzbaby have partly been treated privately.
Terrier, who started this thread, hope you are doing ok. Eliza, how are you finding the tamoxifen? I have been on it a couple of weeks now and feel fine so far…and my hair has started growing! Must be spring!

Happy Easter


Hi Willowbee,

I seem to be fine on the tamoxifen too - taking it since the middle of January. A few hot flushes and night sweats but not much. I have found a friendly pharmacist who will dispense the Nolvadex brand on a generic prescription - it was she who suggested the Nolvadex after I’d asked not to have the CP Pharmaceuticals (now called something else) brand. From what I’ve heard the effects can wax and wane a bit, so I’m making the most of things being okay!

Terrier, I think you said you are off to Addenbrookes tomorrow to hear what the rest of your treatment will be? Good luck for that and I’ll be thinking of you.

I’m off to the support group that meets at QEII this evening.

Eliza xx

Hi Willowbee

Generally I feel great! But I do go up and down. I started walking between surgery and rads (I had chemo first) and then started a jogging/running programme and that felt fantastic.

I asked last Friday (2nd check-up) about the ribs being tender and was told that they might always feel tender just less so over time, which was a bit of a shock as the BCNs had said 1 - 2 years.

I’m still having to do the exercises as I get stiff sometimes (I had a Mx and full lymph node clearance) I include ones I found posted on this website by an american lady who had been shown exercises to prevent lymphodeama.

I get niggles and worries, currently have a rash which I’m watching, but generally I’m just happy to be here, even though I know heaven is waiting I would prefer to me with by children for some time to come.

Hope everything is going well Terrier.

bye all - Wizz

Thanks for all the sage advice, I have been to my planning session and it was quick and easy, but, a bit messy with the ink,and I forgot my wet wipes as recommended but managed with some sugical spirit they had. They did mention that between 10 and 2 was the worst time for waiting so best to try and avoid those hours if possible. I found some leaflets, with some difficulty, about the Wallace Centre, I didn’t have time to go this time but definately will next time. There is a website too, I notice. Looks like an amazing facility.Otherwise alls well and enjoying the gorgeous weather. Hope you are all well too.

Hhey all the Wallace centre is cool. Just waiting for my dates for rads and I will be away there for a relexology session or two!

I’ll let you all know dates and perhaps we can hook up. Day 2 of Tamoxifen x

Terrier x

I’m near Cambridge - St Ives. I cant seem to find anyone else local though.
Nice to meet you all.

Hi, I have breast cancer,diagnosed April , I am Her2 positive. I live in Great Shelford Cambridge. Only about 2 miles from Addenbrookes. I have finished chemo and radiotherapy, I have Herceptin every 3 weeks and start tomoxifen in January. Would anyone like to share?