Appointment 2 days later


i had a painful lump on my inner breast. Which developed over night whilst I was recovering from a cold. I went to gp who put me on a 7 day antibiotics and a referral to breast clinic. Which is on Monday day 6th of my antibiotics. The lump has massively shrunken though a tiny bit pain is still there. I’m in two minds if I should visit the clinic? 

Sounds positive ,but there wouldn’t be any harm in having the extra re-assurance of an ultrasound on the lump so you know exactly what is causing it .

I should definitely go. I was scheduled for an MRI which, by the time the appointment came, I didn’t actually need but I saw it as a free health check, an opportunity I wouldn’t otherwise have. (Yes, I was scared stiff). Without wishing to alarm you, my mum had a breast lump which had disappeared by the time she got her hospital appointment through (this was the days before regular mammograms etc). She went anyway and was found to have very early signs of breast cancer in both breasts, so early that all she had were partial mastectomies with no other treatment and she remained bc-free for the next 30 years. Had she not gone, she wouldn’t have found out until the disease was well-advanced! Most lumps are not breast cancer and are benign - but you have the opportunity to be absolutely certain your breast health is good by using the appointment. Good luck.