Appointment at One Stop Clinic

I have found a lump and am being referred to the one stop clinic. Thought it was due to falling on my breast a couple it weeks ago. Doctor said she didn’t think so. Am scared think every pain is where the cancer has spread.
Worried but have only told my husband as don’t want to worry others
I have two young children

Thanks for your reply, I will get an appointment within two weeks. It didn’t help that the doctor said it was terrible news, she was not reassuring at all

Hi Ashleymil

Ladybowler has wise words… insensitive language by a doctor who really doesn’t know what is going on at this time just feeds the anxiety monster. My experience of the The one stop shop is a fabulous team of highly trained professionals. They will do all the relevant tests - and will look after you the whole way. The majority of ladies at the one stop shop do not get a diagnosis of cancer. Your appointment should be really quick - but be prepared that there may be some waiting for test results after that. We are all ‘experts’ of the waiting game … the reassurance is that the professionals will do the right tests to know exactly what is going on - you are in good company on this forum.

Thank you for your kind comments East side

I have my appointment for next Tuesday. I am worried about how quick it has come through

Thanks again for your wise words Helena, I am trying really hard to think positively

Thank you for your kind comments Charys, the waiting is driving me mad, can’t stop prodding and poking the lump

Ahhhh yes, sadly, that is a fairly normal response to the wait…both going nuts ( finding it hard to concentrate on anything else and having it at the forefront of your thoughts all the time, not being able to eat or sleep etc) with waiting and poking and prodding…to see if any change. I did plenty of that myself, I can assure you ! Nothing will change in two weeks, irrespective of what it is…benign or not…so try not to spend too much time looking and checking…you also won’t fund an answer on the Internet ?. It is common also for people to imagine other pains and symptoms, it is ‘just’ part of the anxiety of the situation. Even if this was a form of breast cancer, and that certainly is an IF, then the chances of an early stage bc having spread is soooooo unlikely… …your lymph nodes are there to halt the progress and filter those cells. There have been so many people who have come on here and thought they had signs of cancer spreading , they have been checked and many of them had benign breast conditions. The mind is so powerful , it can trick us at times of high stress and anxiety. X


You’re appt tomorrow - sending positive thoughts. Keep busy today - I always made a point of not getting to the clinic mega early for my appts - something I had control over! Take care


Thanks for your comments, I am so stressed it is actually next Tuesday. I am trying to stop googling symptoms, but it is not easy. I veer from being positive to what stage I have !

hi Ashley,
As Charys says, do step away from google, it only feeds the anxiety monster, then the mind goes into overdrive imagining the worst.
Despite that unhelpful remark from your dr, bc is the least likely outcome.
ann x

Thank you Charys for your sensible words, I am emotional just reading them. Everything you say makes perfect sense. I just feel like I am in a very dark place. My husband just says you will be alright and I have only told one friend. I haven’t told my mum as she is elderly and I feel it would be unfair to worry her. I can do that for the both of us. Once again thank you for taking the time to reply

Would anyone be able to tell me if the doctors will prescribe me sleeping pills to get me through until next Tuesday. I am unable to eat or sleep and thought I would be sick this morning.

I too was prescribed lorazepam, I used a small amount to help me sleep (mine was after diagnosis but wish I’d asked for some sooner as I was not eating, sleeping being sick etc). I agree with Jobey, see your gp and ask for something to help…there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have a bit of help at this very challenging time. I too remember those horrendous days with anxiety and fear so high constantly that you felt you were losing your mind, you WON’T. …just as we didn’t ! (Or did we ? Lolol)

Hi Jobey
Thanks for your words of advice. I have got some sleeping pills. I also phoned the helpline and I feel much calmer now, I cannot alter what will be, and worrying will change nothing.
I have also not googled for the last two hours my symptoms x

It has finally come , my one stop clinic, I have lost almost a stone ( I only weighed 7 and a half to start with).
Am taking pills to keep calm and hopefully won’t be sick when I am there

I feel very lucky that it was just cysts, which have been drained. It has been a very emotional time for me and I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and help, and I wish you all the very best x

Fantastic news. Time to take a deep breath now. You take care


Thanks Helena, 


I will heed your advice and not Google anything.


my GP was very professional and followed NICE guidelines, but he wasn’t very helpful in terms of what to expect at the clinic, or reassuring (but I guess he has to remain objective). 


I will consider taking someone with me for my appointment. Thanks for the advice and reassurance.