Appointment this wed. Oct 7th

I have been sure if I wanted to post, but the worry has finally eaten me up. I found a indent on my right breast September 8th. Thinking I was worrying for nothing and putting it aside I waited a week before contacting a doctor. By September 15th it was still there (and is even more noticeable after wearing ANY bra. Bras that I have been wearing for forever now. I logically tried to tell myself maybe it was my bras but I knew that was not the case) so now I am waiting for my ultrasound appointment to figure out what is going on. It seems like it was either earlier this year or late last year I noticed an itching in my nipple, a burning itching sensation that would come and go. I figured hormones because I am (just turned) 28 and that my body is changing. I also have 3 kids but my youngest is 5 and a half (I never breast fed the last one) There is something hard within the dent and I am unsure what to do. The dent itself seems to be less noticeable (as of yesterday or the day before) but now there is an obvious misshape and whatever the “lump” is is still there. It does not move, it is hard, and its long but thin. And I am starting to develop a small purpley/red patch. Maybe a size of a fist. I have noticed a raised bridge that is slightly bumpy, around my nipple and that the nipple itself seems puffier and a little less feeling in it. I am also noticing spider veins in both sides so I am not sure that has anything to do with whats going on and may be due to age or hormones. And is it possible I will find something out Wednesday when I do the ultrasound? I am sorry this post is so long and there is a million directions, but it feels getting it out to some ladies that may understand. Thank you for any help you may be able to give.


This is a terrifying time as we always assume the worst. You have an ultrasound scheduled and the radiologist will pass the obvious findings to your consultant immediately so you should get some idea very soon as to whether what you have noticed is breast cancer or if, like with most breast lumps and changes, it’s something harmless. No one can tell till you have the tests. You may have other tests associated with an ultrasound such as a biopsy - these are uncomfortable but not painful. 

You seem to be poking and prodding and your poor breast is bearing the brunt of your anxiety. It can feel very tender as a result. It’s best left alone for now but I know that’s easier said than done. My only symptom was two raised freckles on my areola and I lost count of the number of times I looked down my bra to check they were still there!! However, you don’t want to be bruised and sore when you go for examination so try to leave it alone.

My personal experience was that emotional health was 50% of the whole experience. My advice would be to go to YouTube and use the search bar for Progressive Hypnosis’s Manifest Healing. Plug in your earphones and let her help you to let go and to sleep. There are plenty of others if you don’t like that but, it’s 2am and you are here on the forum. You’ve got a young family, your head is spinning and it’s time to switch off! (If you’re wondering why I’m here, hormone therapy often causes insomnia!). 

I wish you all the best on Wednesday and hope you get a good explanation for all the breast problems you are experiencing. Take care, Jan x


Just thought I would drop by from one forum friend to another and to just say hang on in there im in a similar situation with the worry, but symptoms are different. I hope that your appointment goes OK x