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Hello everyone

I have been lurking on this site for a couple of days now and managed to pluck up the courage to post!!

I found a lump in my right breast a couple of wks ago, it’s really hard, not moveable and I’m not sure if it’s smooth, can’t tell really with the breast tissue around it.

I saw my GP on Monday really convinced he was going to say I was wasting his time and there was no lump, but he didn’t, he found the lump too and has referred me to a One Stop Breast Clinic and I have my appt tomorrow.

I can’t lie, I am really worried. My mum died of breast cancer many years ago, and there was something about the look on my GP’s face when I left that has worried me even more lol, I know I’m just being paranoid.

Am I silly feeling I’m wasting everyone’s time - am convinced tomorrow will reveal nothing other than fatty tissue or something and that all this worry will be over nothing.

Sorry, bit of a rant for a first post - thanks for reading x

Hi Trish,

You are not wasting anyone’s time. If you have a lump the sooner it is checked the better.

It must be a worry for you due to your mum having had cancer but that does not mean you have it. No one will know what the lump is until it has been investigated. There is absolutely no point in me telling you not to worry because you are human so you will. Try to keep busy while you are waiting for an appointment, anything that stops you thinking about the lump.

Here’s hoping for the best results.


Hi Trish

Of course you are not wasting anyones time. Any lump should be investigated and most turn out to be nothing sinister but if it is then the sooner its found the better.

Best of luck for tomorrow i sincerely hope this is just a flying visit for you xx

hello trish, the lump could be anything, 9/10 lumps are NOT cancer, we all go in to panic mode … so your not paranoid… and you have the added fear because you lost your mom to cancer.
but that does NOT mean you have it…
the one stop clinic,s are fantastic, because you gt your scans mammograms, and if they feel they need to , your biopsys 2 all done on the same day … so dont be alarmed if you have any of these tests. they need to find out what the lump is…
if they do any biopsys you will not get the results tomorrow… thats where the term the waiting room comes from… everyone hates the waiting room … its waiting for results… as for the look on your doctors face… yeh your paranoid… you probably saw a look that wasent really a… oh my dear that poor woman look…
your emotions are running wild… your stressed… and you think the worst… your normal we all do it … and your not wasting anyones time… we are all here for the same reasons… friendship and support in times of need… fingers crossed your just going to be a visitor who passes through and then leaves…none the worse for the experience… i hope so … let us know how you get on … hope all turns out ok … angie xx

Posted on behalf of Trish
Jo, Facilitator


Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. Very kind and wise words indeed.

I will let you know how I get on xx


hi, how did you get on ?

Hi Trish,

What news?