Apprehensive Hi Two years ago had nipple discharge and masses in left breast went to clinic, had mammogram and told fibroadema. In December noticed that there was a lump sticking out in my armpit, felt it and there is a lump there. Finally went to the drs in January when it was still there. You can easily see the protruding skin but the lump feels deeper. doctor thought it was just swollen glands or infected hair follicle and asked me to go back in three weeks if still there. It was so was then put on double strength antibiotics for two weeks. Still there. Finally being sent to Breast Clinic next week but have now found a hard pea sized lump sort of under my bra strap and also a couple more similar to the one in my armpit. None of them hurt. I am feeling fairly calm about it all (not even told my husband about appt!) and think it will be ok like last time but obviously have a little bit of concern in the back of my mind in case they could have missed something! Am I right in thinking more than one lump is good? And has anyone else had no other initial symptoms other than a lump in armpit?

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Sorry to hear you are having this worry, it must be horrid for you. I can’t answer your question from experience, although I do know of ladies who have had more than one lump whether it be in the breast or in the nodes.

My personal experience is as follows, I had a bilateral green discharge in July 2005. I was sent to see the surgeon, had a mammorgram and was then told it was fine and not to worry about the discharge (august 2005). I was told to check my breasts monthly thereon, which I did for the rest of 2005, at xmas time I thought I felt a lump in my breast (about the size of a pea) but I convinced myself it was in my imagination! I still checked it every month until in about March 2006 it was quite noticeable, but I continued to convince myself it was nothing until May 2006 when it was grabbable on the surface and my husband forced me to see my GP. I was told it was more than likely a cyst and was referred back to the same surgeon - the rest is on my profile so won’t bore you! Except that 1 year from a clear mammo, I started chemo :frowning:

So what I am saying is that my lump started growing in less than 5 months and within 10 months was measured at 3.5 cms. So they can grow very quickly if agressive.

So please make sure you are taken seriously and that you do get seen asap.

Fingers crossed it’s nothing to worry about, good luck and let us know how you get on at your appointment.

Luv Lynn x

Dear Bunnikins Welcome to the forums. In addition to the valuable support and information that you will receive from your fellow forum users, you are also welcome to contact our helpline for confidential support and advice during this difficult time. The helpline number is 0808 800 6000 and is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

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Appointment only two more days away. Starting to panic now. Think I will be fine but also somewhere inside you have to prepare youself in case you are not. Horrible horrible feeling. Not really talking to anyone about it. Being at work is better than being at home, although house is nice and clean!!! Reading the forums everyone feels like this whilst waiting but its still horrible!!!

Good luck Hi Bunnikins

Good luck at your appointment today.

Luv Lynn x

Hi there…

I hope you got the all clear today and the lump(s) are nothing to worry about.

However, I found a painless lump in my right armpit last Boxing Day, and went to my GP the following day. He referred me to the breast clinic. The consultant examined my breasts and found no palpable lump(s). I was given a mammogram which showed nothing and had two ultrasound scans, neither of which showed anything in my breast, however the lump was diagnosed as an enlarged lymph gland.

I had an ultrasound guided core biopsy on the lymph gland, and at my next appointment was told it contained breast cancer cells.

So it is possible, although uncommon, to have an underarm lump and nothing showing up in the actual breast on mammo or ultrasound.


Results Hi there

Thanks for your messages.

Been to the clinic today. had a scan as lump wouldnt have shown up on mammogram because of location under arm. They were very nice and the scan didnt really show anything other than ‘fatty pockets’. Thought I would be discharged but went back in to see the doctor and she said although it had shown nothing bad if I wanted they would removed it. I was a bit taken back and said I would think about it. I have to go back in three months to discuss.

So now the next dilema. Do I have the lump removed (and I guess it would be double checked for problems) or do I leave well alone. Not spoken to anyone about it yet and only been home an hour but any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks again everyone

To Remove or not Remove! Hi folks

Thanks for all your help so far. Can anyone give me their views on whether I should have my lump removed or not?

One part of me thinks if the lump was removed it would be checked and then if they had missed anything it would be picked up. Then on the other hand I think why put myself through a general anesthetic and be ‘meddled with’ if the lump is harmless. Can’t make up my mind…

Thanks again

Bunnikins… Could your lumps be removed with a local anesthetic?
If not, and you have no contra-indications for a general, if I were in your position I’d want the lump removed. This is just my opinion and obviously depends on how reassured you would feel to know exactly what the lump is.
I think surgery for a lumpectomy is pretty easy to get over.

Wishing you well with your decision.


Removal or not? Hi Bunnikins,
just caught up with this thread and thought I would give you my tuppence" worth. A year before I was dx wih invasive ductal cancer, which had spread to the lymph glands (4 out of 18 removed) I met a lady in the US, a friend of a friend. I was quite shocked when she told me she had bc - only symptom she had was a lump in her armpit. I knew nothing about bc then, and had no idea you could get bc in that area. Of course, I know differently today.

If it was me, I would not rest until I had absolute assurance I did not have cancer. Is there a possibility you could get a second opinion from another breast surgeon? Think that is the route I would take if in your position. I read somewhere on the forums “the only good lump is one in a jar”, which speaks volumes.
Hope all turns out okay.

P.S. from Liz Just re-read this thread and I can’t see that you had a biopsy. This is quite a simple procedure, done under a local anaesthetic and honestly doesn’t hurt. The tissue can then be sent to the pathology dept for testing. I am surprised the clinic did not do this. I would follow it up with the clinic.
Take care, Liz