APS Ltd Tamoxifen available from Tesco

Hi everyone,

Just to let you all know that I had no trouble at all getting the APS brand of Tamoxifen from the pharmacy counter at Tesco. At the time when I called in they only had the Wockhardt brand in stock, but they were very helpful indeed and made a quick telephone call to their suppliers to request the APS Tamoxifen for me, which I was then able to collect the next day. I had been feeling sore and achy all over, tired and generally unwell since being given the Wockhardt tablets a few months ago, but I’m feeling so much better since going back on APS - I’ve got my bounce back.

Thanks for that advice

someone posted about nolvadex-d being withdrawn too, which gave me angst. I just got a new prescription and doc said no problem according to his screen.Chemist had them in stock.

Was on APS brand but went onto the Wockhardt brand two months ago - last three weeks I have noticed a certain waking up feeling and this week feel great after some horrible side effects including joint pain in ankles and fingers, night sweats and headaches.

I cannot be sure if its the tam, the change to a really healthy diet, the walking every day or general coming out of cancer fatigue.

Its great though and albeit some days I dont feel too good this has given a clearing of thought enough to feel there is hope.

good luck to all