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Hello forum members

If you are an unmoderated member of the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums you can now view archived posts going back to December 2005. Just go to the menu on the left.

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Hello Ann

I was just wondering if there is any way of searching the archives for specific topics. I am sometimes put off typing a new post thinking it is probably a repeat of something and people will not necessarily want to read it or reply to it.

I am sure there is lots of good advice in the archives waiting to be accessed, which comes up again and again.

Many thanks

Hi helfire

If you go to the search (menu on the top) and type in a subject word, then press the comments button you will get all the posts on that topic (in the order in which they were posted.)

As you say there is a lot of good advice there but never feel shy about repeating a question. There are always new people on the site and things do change over time. Asking a question again is often the best way of getting up to date advice.

Best wishes