Are aches and pains normal when diagnosed with breast cancer that hasn't spread?

Hi been diagnosed with early stage invasive breast cancer recently. Was told that it hasn’t spread to the lymph nodes. Since then, keep getting aches and pain in various parts of my body. Normally would pass them off as the usual aches and pains but as I have cancer I worry they could be something worse :frowning: is it my mind playing tricks on me?  Has this happened to anyone else?



Hi Sandie73


I think we all get them at some time. I’ve had loads,


mainly sore joints, sore heads and back/kidneys.  


My mind loves playing tricks on me. Funnily enough they started just after I opened the letter from the clinic.


take care.





hi there, i think its all pretty normal. I had aches and pains and kept falling to sleep after being diagnosed…felt so tired .Also biopsys can put you out bit sometimes.Its very likely because of your circumstances your mind has gone into overdrive and every twinge becomes a worry x

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: it seems normal to imagine pain everywhere when you been diagnosed with BC. Since being diagnosed I have worried about every twinge of pain and imagining the worse :frowning: I have lost confidence in my body as it has given me this. Can’t wait to have my surgery and get it out of my body. Think once it’s been removed then I should be cancer free and any adjuvant treatments will be the insurance policy needed to keep it away.

All the best to you all and we will get through this xx

I Sadie I was told I had breast cancer on Wednesday, still waiting for result with regards to what stage i’m at but I have invasive breast cancer also, my neck is aching soo much also I had labrynthitis a couple of year ago which is a type of vertigo and its come back with a vengence bacause i’m run down from the news, I believe that we can fight this and come out of this stronger woman x

Hi super girl

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It’s truly horrible having to play this waiting game for treatment and I bet it’s this that makes the aches and pains get worse. You are right though about when we get through this we will come out of this journey much much stronger xx

Hi Sandie

I agree so much with all the other ladies. I too have a few aches and pains and like Debs I keep falling asleep. It’s not just the physical symptoms with this journey it’s also very emotionally draining. I think I am truy exhausted. Hope you get a date for surgery soon.


Hi Dee

It is an emotionally draining experience and I am also feeling exhausted. It will be three weeks tomorrow since the diagnosis and it’s been the longest 3 weeks of my life. Got a hospital appointment this Wednesday (7th may) where I get my results of the MRI scan and hopefully will be told what surgery I need. I really hope they can get me in for surgery pretty soon as can’t take much more of this waiting with this horrible thing inside my chest.

Do they get you in quick for the surgery or is it another torturous wait for that too? :frowning: x

Hi Dee

You have been on a difficult and long journey but hopefully you are starting to see the end of it and be able to look to the future. Mine’s just starting and not knowing what surgery I am going to have and if I end up having radiotherapy or chemo has been difficult. All this happening yet apart from the occasional aches and pain I feel absolutely physically normal. I feel well now but with the surgery/treatments I am going to feel pretty rough :frowning: that’s hard to get my head round. Just hope I get given a date for surgery this week so i can get on with it and be rid of this disease! X

Hi Gilly

Hope they will have a treatment plan in mind for me as just want to get on with it now. Feel like at moment nothing is being done to treat this and naturally worry about every extra day this thing is in my body :frowning: x

Well I was diagnosed yesterday and they ultrasounded my lymph which were clear but like you I’m aching all over , I’ve been manic about it but my sister who’s a breast care nurse thinks its more likely to be stress and anxiety and she’s probably right I hope

Hi Sisterjayne.


welcome to our horrible club.  Sorry to hear of your news.


this really is the worst time for us. The waiting.  


You have a breast care nurse on call and I’m sure you will find a lot of support from your sister. 


I thought I was going to have to visit my dentist, sure I had teeth problems but I have realised that I’m clenching my jaw when I worry and that’s causing the pain.


You will find your way through this,  we will be here if you need us.


Take care



Hi sisterjayne

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Good that your lymph nodes are clear. Been assured by my breast cancer nurse that the mind plays tricks on us and as a result we get aches and pains everywhere. I am still getting them especially when thinking about it which is all the time.

My surgery is on Monday (12th) where I am going to have a WLE and SNB. As my lymph nodes looked clear on the U/S I am hoping the SNB will be clear too. It’s a horrible time and I still can’t believe it’s happening to me :frowning: all the best in your treatment x

Hi Dee jay

Thank you for your good wishes. Yeah only a few more days until this thing is cut out of me :slight_smile: just hope they can get clear margins and there is no spread. Then after it’s healed there will be a radiotherapy, chemo a possibility and hormone treatment.

Just feel these are my last days of ‘normality’ and nothing is going to be the same again :frowning: will keep you posted on any updates xx

Hi sisterjayne

Thanks for your good wishes :slight_smile: after today just one more day left to go before the op. Feels so unreal as feel well like nothing is wrong. Can’t believe this is happening to me :frowning:

Hope Thursday brings you positive news, keep me informed of your progress. Will let you know how it goes on Monday. We will all beat this horrible disease !! Xx