are other cancers linked to breast cancer

hi there,

i have been using this forum for a few weeks now, for the short version, had a very painful right breast and saw my GP she said was too young for bc(im 30) and bc does not hurt, finally been referred on the ‘2 weeks rule’ after having 2 courses of antibiotics.
any, spoke to my mum yesterday for family history chat. i know my grandma had ovarian cancer and mum had hers removed as precaution, my auntie had breast cancer, mum other auntie has just been diagnosed with skin cancer and my grandad died of lung cancer. i know breast and ovarian cancer are linked, but what about the others. i have got my appt on the 25th oct next thursday and have only just calmed down after crying for a few days and thinking i would not see my children grow up (4 and 11mnths).

now after this gem of information and starting to panic again. anyone know if there is a link? my clinic is a one stop clinic at barnstaple hospital. any one been there and got results the same day?

hi kelbug1,
I am not sure if bc is linked to any other cancers, But when i had a scan done on my boobs they gave me the results on the same day… Ultrasound scan are great normally they can tell buy them if something dose’nt look right… I had mine done at west suffolk hospital…Don’t listen when they tell you , u are to young for bc coz it rubbish i am only 23 yrs old sorry i don’t want to scare you. but like you i have kids to and it is hard to explain to them why you are upset i tell mine mummys boobies are poorly but not to worry coz they are making them better… I hope i have been a little help and good luck i hope everything goes ok for you
Take Care

Hi kelbug1

Like Michelle I’m not sure whether BC is linked to other cancers but I wanted to wish you luck with your app. I’m at the breast clinic on the 23rd and know the waiting is torture, its only in the last day or two that my mind hasn’t been completely consumed with thoughts of my lump and hopefully I will be back here next Tuesday telling everyone who has wished me luck and offered me kind words of support that my lump is nothing serious and I pray for the same for you.

Debbi xx

hi princess23,

thanks for your reply. i cant believe you are only 23 yrs old with what you have had to go through.
kids are great distraction and i hope you are getting on okay with your treatment. ihope i can get my
results on the same day. im so impatient. i am the sort of person that when i have all the facts i can deal
with what ever is thrown at me, if turns out to be the worst i hope i can apply the same to getting better.
thank you for your honesty and will let you know what happens.

kelly x x

hi debbijayne,

i have to say this had been the worst time in my life so far, so i can sympathise with this
horrible waiting game. i wish you all the luck in the world and i hope you wil get the good news
of being okay. let me know how you get on.

thinking of you and everyone on here.


Hi Kelly,sorry you are going through this.I too am waiting for an appointment on the 23rd,like Debbie and the wait seemed like it would go on for ever.Like Debbie said,I think you get to point where you seem to get used to it a little and you can push it to the back of your mind.I don’t seem to have been thinking about it quite as much this last few days.I am struggling at work though,as my job needs to be very organised and focused and I am finding this really hard now,so have taken today off and am having tomorrow off too.I have half term off next week.

Take care Jacqui

Hi Kelly

My father was diagnosed with cancer at 49 and died 6 months later when he was just 50, I also have an aunt who had BC about 15 years ago. When I first met my Oncologist he did ask about cancer in the family, but dismissed this as being anything to do with my diagnosis of BC. Just for information I had early ca of the cervix when I was 30, so needed a Hysterectomy!

Hope that helps?

Lynn x

Hi Kelly,

I believe there is a possible link with bowel cancer (which my dad died of) but I haven’t heard of any links with skin or lung cancer.



lynn and road runner thank you for your replies,

will ask the consultant when i see them next thursday about links as i am sure they
will ask about family history. have a nice weekend.


hi sujac,

fingers crossed for you on the 23rd, only the weekend to get through then you will be
there. good luck, will be thinking of you and let me know how you get on.

take care