are these changes normal or signs of cancer again

are these changes normal or signs of cancer again

are these changes normal or signs of cancer again I had a Right mastectomy in Dec 2005 for high grade DCIS. It was also found on the mammogram that I have a fibroadenoma and microcalcifications in the left breast… I have had biopsy taken in 2005 = benign. In late 2006 I noticed changes around the areola with a sore nipple, have been back to my consultant had MRI scan and further biopsies, I have been told no worrying changes from 1st tests. I am still experiencing a sore nipple and areola changes. My next appointment is in JUNE 2007 should I wait patiently until then or should I be asking to see someone again.Is it wise to leave things as they are.

Hi Lavinia

From what I have read, even with invasive cancer (as opposed to DCIS) periods of up to 3 months make no difference to prognosis. So I would say that, at least from a clinical perspective, you have nothing to worry about leaving things until June as nothing worrying has shown on your latest scans.

I completely understand, though, that it may be difficult for you mentally.

If it makes you feel any better, my tumour was also high grade and invasive (IDC) and I went misdiagnosed for 8 months so that it grew fairly large. But even then it hadn’t spread to any of my nodes, so ‘aggressive’ cancers aren’t necessarily the ones that do most damage.

If you are really worried why not speak to your GP and see if someone can get to the bottom of your nipple and areola changes? It may be something simple - an infection or hormonal causes - that have been missed because of your past history.

Good luck.

Lola x

Hi Lavinia Hi Lavinia,

Did anyone tell you what was causing the changes and soreness? Or how long it would take to clear up?

If I were you I’d contact your GP or breast care nurse and have a chat. Don’t wait around until June. Just think of the amount of worry and putting things to the back of your mind. Get it sorted.

Also, careful with the idea that up to three months’ delay doesn’t effect prognosis. This is based on groups of women and not individuals so if you are worried about something do have it checked out as quickly as possible.

Best wishes,


For your own peace of mind contact the breast nurse-june is still a way off and if you are anything like me you will drive yourself potty by then!