Hi i have been taking Arimidex for the last 18 months and although i have not had too many side effects i now have incredibly painful joints it is really getting me down instead of feeling like i have a new lease of life i feel like an 80 year old. Does any one know of anything that may help these symptoms.

Good health to you all.


Your 80, I’m 70! Movement helps me, when i get up I am bent over like a geriatric until I can gradually straighten myself and take little shuffly steps. But actually i am just 49, worrying isn’t it?


Hi Irene,
im not glad to hear you are feeling like me, we do tend to put a brave face on things don’t we? I am having acupunture next week to see if this helps not just wth the pain but also the dreaded depressed state you can get yourself into. Hopefully it will make me feel more like a sixty year old im actually 46 but i don’t want to push it.

Keep well.


Hi linlin

Its Suzy again, I am taking oestoecare from Boots, i read in the amoena life magazine someone who had bone density problems, started taking oesteocare and the next scan 6 months later came back ok. I also take cod liver oil, neither of these have phyto oestrogens in (I always check with the pharmacist, being totally nuerotic) Don’t know whether it helps or not but I am, touch wood, not in severe pain with my bones and joints, though it could be too soon for me as only on since July. Yes i have pain down my arm in the night sometimes and fizzing in my hands but nothing thank God that would have me heading to the doctors, saying that i do still take my pain killers so that could mask it. Worth a try anyway as Arimidex does cause probelems with the bones and at our age 45+ we do start losing calcium.

Hope this helps and yes it is perfectly normal and remember i had actupuncture for my spondlylosis of neck and spine and it was great very relaxing and also helped with the pain. I also had a kind of ultrasound machine, not like the ones we are used to but a portable one, that was also very good. Hope they can do something for you, pain is the pits and we really should not be in pain after all we have been through already, let me know how you get on with it but if i remember it took a couple of sessions to really kick in but it does work. Like you i will try anything to relieve any symptoms i get.