Arimedex side effects - depression

Arimedex side effects - depression

Arimedex side effects - depression I had breast cancer three years ago and felt great after all my treatment finished - just so glad to be alive. However I’ve just switched from Tamoxifen to Arimedex and I’ve been feeling really anxious - not about cancer but about other things. I’ve always been a bit of a worrier but now I’m waking up in the night panicking about whether my husband loves me. I’m in constant need of reassurance and it’s driving him mad and making me feel pathetic.

I’ve read that there are side effects to Arimedex of anxiety and depression but I’m hoping they go off as my body adjusts to the new drug. Does anyone else suffer from anxiety?

Anxiety! Hi amisaacs,

I have been on Tamoxifen since March this year and have been having a lot of unpleasant side affects, including: hot flushes, tiredness and fatigue, forgetfulness,low mood and anxiety aches and pains etc. Reading a few other ladies and one mans experiences, they also said Tamoxifen affected them too. A couple of ladies said that they had switched to Arimedex and their symptoms had inproved a lot, so it seems that these drugs affect different people in different ways. Like you, I have lost a lot of confidence and worry about things and want reassurance from people. I know it sounds silly but since all this as happened to me I feel its affected my feminity, I feel less of a woman. I just don’t feel the same person any more
What you are feeling is natural and even though you had breast cancer three years ago, its still going to affect you as its a very trumatic experience and not one that you will ever forget. I really hope things inprove for you and I’m sure that your hubby loves you very much.

Have you talked to anyone about your feelings, family or friends?As it can help, to unburden yourself sometimes rather then bottling things up.

Meditation etc can also help with feelings of anxiety,

all the best,


I had anxiety too I started Armimidex in January and among other side effects had a lot of anxiety. Worrying about such small and silly things and finding I was grinding my teeth. I have now come off Armimidex as my tumour was not hormone sensitive and there wasnt much point to taking it. My anxiety has now gone away and when I mentioned it to the onc, she said that yes, Armimidex can cause anxiety.

Word of warning, make sure you get the DEXA scan, as I have now been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis after only being on the drug for 6 months!

Rosamarie x