Arimidex - 4 years

Has anyone had problems with their bladder after taking the above for a long time. I did have an oophrectomy and I am going through the change, but I do get up to use the loo about 4 times per night?
Any help would be appreciated.

Hello - I am 45 and had an ooph in 2008 (which put me into surgical menopause). I have been on Arimidex for about 15 months. I wouldn’t say that I am having bladder probs per se but I do seem to be up all night weeing. I try to restrict the amount I drink in the evening but it doesn’t seem to help much. I am not sure if it is down to the Arimidex or general lack of oestrogen. Annoying isn’t it - thank god for an ensuite!

Hiya - I am 46 and had an ooph in 207 (which put me into meno). I was changed onto Arimidex immediately after the op and likewise, no matter how much I restrict my fluid intake, I still have to get up during the night.
LancsLass - I’m not sure if that’s of any help, but finding this thread has helped me a bit just knowing I’m not alone with my many trips to the loo every night. I long for a full nights sleep _ I can’t remember what they must feel like…

Sorry I can’t help, but it’s starting to sounds like it’s fairly common.

Take care

Amen to that Flossie - my toddler is finally sleeping through the night - but now I’m not!

I’ve been getting up in the night since, and possibly before, my natural menopause 5 years ago. I started Arimidex about 2 months ago and seem to be getting up twice more often… hmmmm I hadn’t thought of it being the arimidex. Pants!

Thanks girls for your replies, yes it is kind of nice to think that I am not cracking up and on my own!!! Another funny thing is that when I start a new diet…I go even more in the night. It must be just over 5 years since I slept through the night…I have almost forgot what it would feel like to wake up refreshed in the morning, I always feel as if I have done a night shift and it does make it worse when my OH sleeps through everything, no matter how much I tut and sigh when I get back into bed…maybe he’s just being a typical bloke and pretending not to hear me!!!