Arimidex and muscle stiffness

Have been on Arimidex for a year and the hot flushes have now virtually disappeared but now I have muscle stiffness and particularly in both my legs in my quads. It started about 4 days ago, is not related to exercise as I do that regularly and never get stiff but now I can hardly walk downstairs. I feel fine otherwise apart from needing a lot of sleep and wondered if anyone else had experienced symptoms like this. My biceps also is stiff.

Hi Olivia,

About six to nine months after starting arimidex I had awful muscle stiffness in my legs mostly but a little in arms too. Oncologist said side effect but wanted me to persevere with tablets as didn’t want to have to change me to a different tablet, he said it should pass off eventually.

Went to France on holiday later that month and gradually could feel the stiffness going. It was probably a year before it went completely. Wish I could say the same about the stiff joints but have become used to it if that’s the right word for it!


Same problem. My onc wants to switch me to Tamoxifen. He did say that Glucosamide can help - minimum dose of 1 gram though, so it is an expensive habit (not available on prescription).

Tried glucosamine and it made no difference whatsoever - I think the difference is psychological and expensive!