Arimidex and painful knees

I have been on Arimidex for almost 2 years and whilst my only real complaint initially was hot flushes, for the last year I have been getting pain and stiffnes in my knees particularly in the morning and also in the night which sometimes wakes me up. I know I am of the age group where it could be osteo-arthritis but there is no swelling. Pain killers help a bit but I don’t want to take these regularly. I have always blamed too much yoga or gym work outs but wonder if anyone else has experienced knee pain.

Hello Olivia I have been taking Arimidex for over 5 years now and the pain in my legs and specially my right knee has become increasingly more painful. I have had a bone scan(all okay)no nasties but my onc. thinks it is a problem with my hips and likely to be OA. I’m not so sure and reading comments on this site believe that is is more than likely the Arimidex. Oncologists says I need to take it for another few years but I don’t know what the answer is.x

Painful joints is a recognised side effect of arimidex (and tamoxifen which I am on), but you may be interested in the following article showing that those of us who experience the joint pain and hot flushes are statistically less likely to suffer a recurrence of breast cancer. (I have posted the link elsewhere, but on a tamoxifen thread which you probably won’t have seen)

I have just started taking glucosamine to try to relieve my knee and finger stiffness/pain, althugh too early to tell if it is having an effect yet.

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Glucosamine is a good thing to help with the knees, especially if taken with another supplement called MSM. My GP now suggests it to all his patients with joint problems.

Yes, I too take glucosamine and it seems to work well for me.

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Took high strength Glucosamine for a year and no difference! Suppose we are all different. Now trying cod liver oil. If only we lived in a hot, dry sunny climate!

I do live in a hot, dry sunny climate (Oman), but still suffering! What dosage of glucosamine have people been taking?


I have tried most things over the years and all seem to work for a while and then I’m back to square one but I do find that an aspirin is about the best. Hope between us we can find some relieve.

I understand you need to take 1500 mg of daily of glucosamine for it to do any good.

I had been taking it for some years, pre BC, for arthritis. I still have arthritic pain ( especially since arimidex!) but it might have been a whole lot worse IF I hadn’t persevered with the glucosamine! I also take 1000mg of cod liver oil daily (in capsule form) and have started on Vit. D as well.

I’m taking 1000mg daily.

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hi fellow sufferers
i’ve only been on femara for a few months but am really suffering from joint pain. i’ve been trying glucosamine but no difference so far. looking at this though i may try an increased dose. also feeling a bit sick - does anyone else have that? and tired! but am beginning to think that might be an under active thyroid - am going to ask the doctor to check it out.
anyway, that’s my list of aches and pains for the morning!

You do need to take 1500mg of Glucosamine a day (usually 3 tablets)for it to work properly. Another supplement called Bromelain (made from the stem of pineapples!) is a natural anti inflammatory pain killer which I take as well as the Glucosamine. What with that and the Vitamin D and the Green Tea Tablets I’ll look like a tablet soon!

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Just thought you might find the arimidex fact sheet useful. It discusses the benefits and possible side effects. if you would like a copy follow the link below:-

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