arimidex and weight gain?

Hi ladies,

Just wondering if any of you have gained weight whilst on arimidex?
I have been on this drug for 3 and a half yrs, and my waist is slowly disappearing and my middle is quite solid, while the rest of me is quite slim. I am in my 50’s so am menopausal anyway, so it could be that.
Are there any expanding arimidex ladies out there?
Best wishes,
Rosie x


I am on Tamoxifen and have excactly the same problem. I am 52 and wasnt in the menopause until I had chemo. Dont think that has helped. I have spoken to some friends who havent had BC treatment and they are the same. I think it must be a combination of things.

Take care

Carolyn x

Hi, yes I have an ever expanding middle. I have been on Arimidex for about 20 months and I cant seem to shift any weight. I have tried a few diets but nothing seems to happen. I have been thinking of going to slimming world but I dont know if it is worth going. I have got to be on Arimidex for 5 years so what weight I will end up I dread to think.
Heather x

Hi Ladies, Yes I am the same, I have been on Arimidex for 4 1/2 years and put on about 2 1/2 stone, was never slim but now I am size 20 and hating it. Have tried lots of things to loose the weight but it doesnt seem to work, but do like a glass ot two of wine, it could be that lol. Roz xx

I was very overweight when diagnosed so I’m not sure I can blame Arimidex. But I did have trouble shifting the weight while on it - I did lose some quite gradually but would then put some back on so that overall I lost about half a stone. I changed to Aromasin about a year ago and since then have lost another 3 stone and am now at my goal weight!!!
I have no idea whether changing the tablets helped, but my joints are much better which means I can take a lot of exercise. I do 2 hours at the gym virtually every day. Mind you, the real spur to lose it was my daughter getting engaged last November. Her wedding was last week and my outfit was many sizes smaller than it would otherwise have been.
All the best

Hi ladies,

Thanks for all your comments. Oh dear, it sounds like an uphill battle doesn’t it. I will have to go to the gym more often. Walking isnt as easy anymore though because of intermitent knee pain, presumably caused by the drug as well!
Anne, did you change to aromasin because of joint pains, I didnt realise there was an alternative?

Best wishes,
Rosie x